Buy Less, Choose well – Vivenne Westwood

A few years back one of my closest friends warned me …no matter how well you look at 40, once you hit the middle years – it’s a different matter…I nodded and smiled …now I grimace. I have winged most things in my life.,,

…Messy hair? I was going for the ‘windswept’ look…

…Red cheeks?…gave them an extra pinch and I pulled off the celtic cailín…

…baggy clothes?…I liked to be unstructured…

NOW???…well now, if unchecked that hair is frizzy and needs its colour done, those cheeks need a swipe of panstick ( and maybe a quick contour if I have the time), and the clothes?…well I like to be comfortable now.

I’m not lamenting…time passes and unless I botox the bejaysus out of my forehead and hit the treadmill running ( literally) body and face will reflect my years.

Why is Corina telling me this you ask??? It’s because I want to be able to write posts that embrace being in our forties….dammit we’re in good company…Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Heidi Klum…yes, they have an army of MUAs and PAs, but you know what ???…aren’t we functioning women..?.. so we know how to do our own makeup and once we have a daily planner stuck on the kitchen door – sure who needs a PA?!…

So, I’ll be bringing you updates on, fashion, and whatever else I think of at any given time.   Speaking for myself, my highstreet brands are getting more limited… I need salon strength products, I need kinder makeup , and I certainly need better cuts to my clothes.

But it can be done…it’s just easy to get lost in a sea of bland colours, boring buns ( not cupcakes!) and barefaced cheek ( like what I did there??)..

Stay tuned for fashion fixes, top fives, and beauty box finds…



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