The Parents’ September Issue



Parenting is one big rollercoaster..full of highs and lows, parts of it you want to scream with joy, others you want to vomit with fear…

 Roller coaster National Lampoon's Vacation .jpg

….BUT for all the parents who saw their children into Junior Infants..well kept the brave face in front of your infant (go on admit still see them as babies) until you left their line of vision before you shed a quiet tear..

jr infants.gif

…FOR all the parents with Senior Infants…you did good..they feel like big boys and girls whilst you just wonder where the year went!


….FOR the parents of first class children…yes, it’s hard…they’re out of the infant classes – but rejoice…they’re in one hour longer!…

first class.gif

….FOR the parents of second class pupils..they’re the seniors of the juniors…they love the added responsibilities..they question more, and argue more, and well got them that far..


…FOR the parents of third class students…what the hell happened??!!! They’re in the senior part ??? (and they love telling you that)…they’re stretching and maturing and filling you with pride while they empty your pockets as they continue to grow out of leggings and runners…


…FOR the parents of fourth class students, where have the boys’ baby faces gone??? Did the short hair cuts take the roundness off ( if so..I’m cutting my hair in the morning!)…where have the pink school bags gone for the girls??…are they now unisex and ‘cool’?? Well done you… they’re being themselves…

fourth class.gif

….FOR the parents of fifth class students…holy mother of God…as they sprint (or drag their feet) in with hair bouncing, hoodies trailing, and attitude flying they think they know best whilst you wonder did they put on their vest!!…

fifth class.gif

…FOR the parents of sixth class students…you had a lump in your throat this morning – this is the end of an do you cope without your school family whether it’s the teachers or your whats app group..well 2 things..try to remember back to when your were in sixth felt on top of the wasn’t the impending end of an era…it was the excitement of a new era coming your way, and you’ll never lose your friends..the school friends us parents make at the school gates will last long after our children fall in and out of friends with each other and are busy making new one in the new school…


So be proud ….we’re all doing a pretty good job…

x Corina

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