In an age when entertainment is simply a click away, a ‘plaything’ is simply something hand held ( easy on!!!), and family entertainment is peak time TV on a Saturday night…to experience age old, time tested TRUE family entertainment is special…and yet – it’s there, it always has been….well, since 1782 at least. …it’s the bright lights, the howls of laughter, and fearless acrobats of the CIRCUS.



My first experience of the circus was in books…’The Secret Seven and The Circus Adventure’, ‘Five are Together Again’ and ‘The Mystery of The Missing Man’…YES I loved Enid Blyton, and NO I didn’t get out much!..

But now I’m all grown up ( and savin China!!), and with my two little ones…I have a new lease of life – one that includes visits to the circus…(Who know huh??!!!)…now, I have been to a handful of circus companies in various places…and hands down the best has been CIRCUS GERBOLA ( ) ….an Irish owned circus , it feels and looks like an international outfit due to performers from far flung places…and no denying – it brings that exotic feel to the show…Brazilian Beauties, Australian Acrobats, Mexican Minxes ( the female of the species)…this Circus has a definite international feel.

A little boy had his birthday party at the circus while we were there…couldn’t believe it!!! It was a BRILLIANT idea – he had a balll!…talk about being the centre of attention??… he was the centre of attention in the big ring…doesn’t get much better than that!!!…



Aside from the hilarious audience participation and the animal antics and skills…the clowns are just the best craic. ..look it – it’s all there ..







To be brutally honest,   while many of the audience were ‘oohing and aahing ‘ during the illusionist acts, the trapeze acts, and the acrobatic acts I personally found myself trying to figure out how the hell they got into those costumes, how the hell their legs were so toned, how the hell their bodies looked so damn good and how the hell their bums were so tight….and that was just the men!!!!!!

Joking aside… it’s not good – it’s a GREAT sense of occasion and great memories waiting to be made…we went to Circus Gerbola in Lucan….but it’s on its way to Blessington, Wicklow, Courtown, Arklow and Dun Laoighre….check out for any info…




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