Catwalk To Sidewalk

I did an epic culling of my wardrobe recently – it was long overdue..I had been planning to do it since Christmas…2014!  Anyway as any self-respecting woman would.. having cleared said wardrobe of items I no longer fit or need…those empty shelves and gaps need filling!!!  Right??…

So I decided (in my wisdom) now is the time to take a look at what’s on offer this season.

DENIM has always  been a timeless classic and always will be…this season keep it soft and fluid..

Catwalk:  VECTOR

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Photo for Denim Jeans Observer

Sidewalk:  NEW  LOOK dress €29.99

new look denim dress €29.99

SEVENTIES is suede and retro…

Catwalk:  GUCCI


Sidewalk:   MONSOON  skirt €92

monsoon seventies suede €192


FLATS  have been given a revamp and take on the mule mode..

Catwalk:  GUCCI

gucci mules

Sidewalk:  ZARA €45.95

zara flat mules €45.95


UNDERWEAR AS OUTERWEAR is huge and must be kept ladylike and stylish…

Catwalk:  CELINE

celine lingerie

Sidewalk:  DEBENHAMS €30

debenhams lingerie savannah miller collection and dress €30

PLEATS are leave middle-aged eighties behind..

Catwalk:  Stella McCartney

stella mc cartney pleats

Sidewalk:  ZARA  €25

zara pleated shirt €25


GINGHAM  is big and bold…



Sidewalk:    H&M  shirt €19.99                                           

h&m gingham shirt €19.99


WHITE  SHIRTS  continue to be clean and crisp…

Catwalk:  CELINE

celine white shirt

Sidewalk:     COS white shirt €59.99

cos white shirt €59.99

VICTORIANA steps from history straight in the modern-day…


mcqueen 3

Sidewalk:   Marc Jacobs from BTS €425

brown thomas marc jacobs victorian blouse €425

KNITWEAR is a tactile textile…


1c8eaf9ff1f2e19ed46d5c4cf95f5193 9ad5c12fc3e3252defb3b4b4ec0e3a86

Sidewalk:     ZARA  €39.95

zara knitwear €39.95

MESH stays stylish when worn as a layer…


tommy hilfiger mesh

Sidewalk:   ZARA  bomber jacket  €35.95

zara mesh bomber jacket €35.95

…Don’t know about the mesh look..that’s something Bex could pull off – but you know what .. there’s a slim chance my wardrobe will slowly oh so slowly re-generate itself…
Corina X

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