That’s A Wrap

News that Adele was kicking off her tour here in Ireland next year was met with lots of enthusiasm and joy – but for those dedicated fans who tried and I mean really TRIED to get advance tickets joy soon turned to frustration as they were left ticketless after a 2 hour wait online – tickets went on general release on Friday…


Most new parents come home with their precious bundle and celebrate with a takeaway and a bottle of bubbly – not so for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan – they announced the safe arrival of their baby girl by pledging 99% of their $45 billion fortune to charity..why? help make the world a better place for their little girl and millions of babies like her…what an amazing thing to do…

mark zuckerberg and wife and baby

Urban Decay have launched their palette by Gwen Stefani.  I was expecting real rock n roll shades – but was pleasantly surprised!  Yes,  there are sexy punky shades but the majority of the 15 shade palette is really wearable and luscious..I absolutely love this palette…

me with the urban decay palettegwen stefani for urban decay -

So tis the season to be jolly – but not to be hockeyed out of it and wrecking everyone’s heads!  Here is a full list of pubs who do NOT welcome the 12 pubs of Christmas Groups – bah humbug!…

pub crawl guys image courtesy of

Are we to have our very own Queen’s Speech?? would appear so..the self proclaimed “Queen of Ireland” will be taking a look back on the year that was on TV3 this Christmas..and not a corgi in sight!

panti bliss courtesy of makeuplv

Rebecca headed south to join Maura and Daithi on the couch for another afternoon of discussion..from christening your child in order to get them into the right school, to cancer care and the Toyshow..our girl had it covered ..if you missed it – here it is.. 

you on set

A new report has shown that sending your child to crèche or childcare has no negative impact on their development…well I should hope not…more and more parents find it necessary for them both to work to pay the bills ..children blossom with other children..


Aideen Finnegan of 98FM News has the most brilliant style page on the website,  and she suggested myself and Rebecca carried out a little exercise in finding party wear for around €100…good news?..we did it!..bad news?…we’re now barred from all shops!..only joking…

me for 98fmyou for 98fm

Brendan O’Carroll blows me away…he is a comedy genius, a proud family man and a generous kind hearted philanthropist…there are many layers to this man and he has now donated enough money to SVP to allow families in the East Region (Dublin and Kildare) to have a Christmas dinner.  Something we all take for granted??..not so for many many less fortunate families…what a cracker!…


Oscar Pistorius is back behind bars – or rather he will be..his former conviction of manslaughter has been overuled and he will now serve 15 years in jail for murder…small consolation for Reeva’s family…

D3EA5E epa03584776 A picture made available on 15 February 2013 shows South African paralympic and Olympic sprinter, Oscar Pistorius (R) posing with his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp (L) at the South African sports awards ceremony in Johannesburg 04 November 2012. Pistorius was arrested for the fatal shooting of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp at his Pretoria home in South Africa 14 February 2013. The circumstances around the shooting are still unclear. He will make an appearance in Pretoria court 15 February 2013. EPA/FRENNIE SHIVAMBU

I never knew the  practice of compulsory electroconvulsive treatment was still in existence…but thankfully that is coming to an end…

kathleen lynch courtesy of newstalk

The stupidity of people angers me sometimes…life is a precious gift,  and  some choose to risk it all.. idiots jumping into the Atlantic Ocean as Storm Desmond closes in is just reckless..they’re not daredevils – they’re fools..

After listening to the obscene numbers of drink driving cases struck out of court due to Gardai failing to issue the arrest As Gaeilge..something has to change – either certain defence councils have to gain a conscience or the law has to change..


Ireland took another battering from storms and this week he was named Storm Desmond..and he was a blighter!!!  Today flights should return to normal,  power should be restored and life will hopefully return to normal until the next one let’s see what Eva has in store! Hats off to Council Workers, Comnunities, Gardai and the Defence Forces for working hard today in the aftermath. Flooding has badly affected the west and northwest.

'Say, how come sheep don't shrink when it rains?'

Teresa Mannion has gone viral with her passionate plea to people to stay indoors – I love this!!!..

download (1)

Rebecca wrote a fabulous (Dahling) gift guide this week..and with that in mind – this will give you a giggle

unwanted gifts cartoon

When someone goes missing each day must seem like a lifetime..please be aware…this teen is missing from Balbriggan – his name is Conor Mc Aleer

conor mc aleer

I simply couldn’t turn the Marian Finnucane show off the other day as I sat listening to Pauline Tully recount the horrific attack she suffered at the hands of her estranged husband Pearse Mc Auley last Christmas Eve.  I turned the piece on in the middle of the conversation and took a while to cop who he was…why do people fall under the sick spell of murderers??!!! What is it about a jailbird that makes women think they can “fix them”????…Here is a family destroyed…

marian and pauline courtesy of rte

Kylie Jenner is one hell of a ballsy girl – I gotta say that about her – check out this latest shoot for Interview Magazine…


Christmas Fm  IS BACK!!!  So tune your radio in to ..

FM frequency list 2015:

Dublin city and county – 94.3FM

Kildare – 88.1 FM

Cork City – 106.7 FM

Galway City –  89.5FM

Limerick City- 105.5FM

South East – 103.8FM

North Midlands – 101.6FM

North East – 99.4FM

North Wicklow – 99.5FM

Or go online to so far it has been fantastic and I know right up until the 26th December it will be blasting from our car – school runs here we come!!!!!  PS. Rebecca even brought us some happy news stories this week-  yes…she is a busy busy girl!!!…and please donate!!! Make a Wish works wonders!!!

On Monday of this week a little baby was born in to the world and left it the very same day..Heaven has a beautiful little angel and the night sky has a brand new star shining bright..

Corina x

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