Foundations For Life

Dewy finish, satin finish, matte finish…they’re just three of the terms we’re all familiar with when it comes to our foundations. Then cool skintones and warm skintones come into play, and let’s be honest for most of us we’re only aware whether we have pale or sallow skin. Anyone that knows Rebecca and myself knows that I’m the bronzed Goddess and Rebecca is the pale Celtic Cailin…”wake up Corina!!!!”…


Okay so, Rebecca Horan is one of those sickening people who always looks tanned and healthy and tans gloriously. ..while this pale part of our partnership has typical Irish is not only pale, but it goes pink in the sun and blue in the cold. Makeup artists kindly say “You’ve lovely translucent skin”..translucent my eye!’s bloody ‘see-thru’ – simple as that – so concealer is a must if I’ve drunk too much coffee, gotten too little sleep, and my cheeks have suffered too much cold and wind.
So, as you can expect I’ll be bringing you my top 5 foundations for PALE skin and Rebecca Hottie Horan will list her top 5 for SALLOW skins…


FullSizeRender (29)image

Well, here goes..

1) I’m going to start with my FAVE FOUNDATION…The COLOUR ADAPT foundation from MAX FACTOR. (€13.99) This is the foundation that makes me feel confident. It has a semi-matte finish, plenty of coverage and a little goes a long long way. My shade sans fake tan is ‘Creamy Ivory’, and with tan it’s ‘ Warm Almond’.
max factor colour adapt approx €13.99

2) The STAY PERFECT foundation from NO.7 (€18.95 also part of the 3 for range in BOOTS). Now, I was a tad reluctant to try the ‘Match Made Service’ from NO.7 (I’m just not into fuss at a counter – but it’s not AT ALL like that!)’s really really quick and besides you can still try the samples yourself …and if I ever catch any of you testing the foundation shade on your wrist – I’ll be suitably appalled! There are numerous types of foundations to choose from ( I tried the Airbrush Away at first and wasn’t that keen on it) my favourite is the STAY PERFECT… it turns out my shade is ‘Cool Vanilla’

no.7 match made service

3) The SELECT COVER – UP concealer from MAC. (€19) Yes, I know it’s a concealer, but this tiny tube of loveliness is amazing on it’s own as a foundation. Sometimes I find pale foundations can look pasty but this concealer (in NC20 for me) has such a creamy texture it gives a beautiful lift to your skin and evens out your skintone. A little goes a very long way so don’t be tempted to use too much – you won’t need it, trust me.

mac select cover nc20

4) The Healthy Mix from BOURJOIS (€12.99) If I want to look less tired this is the one for me…and I wear N51. The entire range has a really Royal Radiance to it, so if it’s Kate Middleton’s glowing skin you’re after then, pop this in your beauty basket.

bourjois healthy mix

5) Finally, you know those times when you’re extra pale..maybe it’s the light, maybe it’s your time of the month – but when my skin is really pale I need to tread carefully. I can easily look like a Goth and not even in a good way! The only foundation I’ll use on these days in the AERO MINERALE Makeup Mist in ivory. I kid you not – this is an absolutely incredible product…amazing coverage and as light as a feather. (€18)..visit their website for detailed steps on how to use this!

aero minerale

aero minerale group

As always my foundation brush of choice is the F20 flat buffer foundation brush from Blank Canvas. 

blank canvas brush

To set my makeup I always use mineral foundation..why? sets the face without looking too matte and still gives more coverage. The brand I normally use is ANNECO (€22.50)



Corina x

Hola, I’m Corina’s Spanish cousin Rebecca. A touch of the tar… actually sallow is the correct term.

No I don’t burn easily (I’m purposely leaving out some misadventures as a teen and a terrible experience in Ios when I was a little too heavy-handed with the Carotene oil) yes I have a bit of colour all year round making me feel healthier but the downsides are that my skin is very oily, has funny pigmentation, any marks or scars can look even more pronounced and if I’m not careful I can look more Towie than MIC when I am in the sun.

BB Creams, CC Creams, Tinted Moisturisers, foundations, mineral powders, whatever you’re having yourself these are my friends. It’s great if you don’t need them or don’t like them or you prefer the natural look, but I definitely need them to even out my skintone and cover the odd scar and thankfully a bit of coverage doesn’t mean a Polyfilla application anymore.

I am thankful that gone are the orange tide mark days and the too pale or too dark foundation options. Now we are well and truly spoilt for choice. There are so many options; cover for acne scarring, great brands to cater for all ethnicities, shades that match up perfectly, like True Match by L’Oreal, sensitive,  foundation for combination or oily skins, at least these cosmetic companies have finally cottoned on to the fact that we don’t have ivory, beige or black skin. There are so many different skin types, tones and requirements.


Here are my choices and I think it’s great that they are different to Corina’s. While we are on the subject of my feathered friend she has the most beautiful skin and doesn’t need a drop of foundation. Flawless. But she’s terrible at gardening so there’s something!

1) Clarins Skin Perfecting BB Cream (€34.50). This gives a light finish. Not too heavy, not too nude, it is the best BB cream I have used and it glides on effortlessly and doesn’t end up sliding off in an hour, it also gives great UV protection. I wouldn’t use this everyday but it is great for that natural look on holidays. I amn’t a big fan of the strong smell and the shade options are limited but this is the best of the BBs for me. I use Medium.


2) Studio Fix Foundations MAC – (€31.50). This is my everyday foundation – for work or play, I use NC35. With Studio Fix it gives great coverage but can look to cakey if you don’t use a very small amount and you don’t apply with a foundation brush. But it lasts the day, is silky smooth and covers dark shadows and blemishes.


3) Light Wonder and Magic Foundation by Charlotte Tilbury – (around €40). This is only available to buy in Brown Thomas at the moment. If you have read any of our past blogs you’ll know I am a huge fan of Miss Charlotte, make up artist extraordinaire, she makes the most beautiful products with tender loving care and presents them in the most beautiful brown and gold packaging. Her mascara is one of the best I’ve used, her eyeshadows always get a ooh and an ahhh and her bronzer and contour palette is a godsend. Light Wonder was the first foundation she released. It is quite light and is actually better as a self tan for the chest and neck. The Magic Foundation is just that! great for a night out, no disguising the skin but lots of enhancing.



4) YSL – Le Teint Touche Eclat (€36) I purchased this on an Aer Lingus flight when I realised I had left my makeup at home. Doh! It came highly recommended and I’m a big fan of the Touche Eclat concealer so I bought it.  My go-to foundation if I have run out of the others and it is value for money too as a little goes a long way. Perhaps for people with drier skin or more mature skin or for skin that has lost it’s natural collagen.

5) Maybelline instant age rewind – (€14)  My budget buy and a strong contender for an everyday foundation, I have used Pure beige for years and I like how the foundation brightens my skin and plumps it up, this is great mixed with a drop of concealer for the perfect amount of coverage.


Now for the correctors, Concealer-wise I like Pro Longwear Concealer by MAC in NC35 or Face Touch stick by Bobbi Brown in Natural Tan – ALDI also do a good one in Lacura.




I always bought my makeup brushes in Boots but ever since my sister presented me with a selection of MAC brushes I’m a convert. I hate using my hands or a sponge so I love these. I prefer the thinnest one so that you can build up coverage and waste less. Also my features are angular so it gets into the odd areas.


Oh and I learnt the hard way that primer is a must. I am on the telly every other week and I hate powder as it clogs my pores but now I use MAC Prep and Prime before I apply my foundation which means my make up goes on better and doesn’t dry up or fade away as quickly!



So get trying and don’t just stick to a foundation because it seems to do the trick or because you have used it since 1997. Foundations shouldn’t cover your beauty or come off on clothes and men – they should enhance your features, brighten your skin, care for the skin, provide sun protection and moisturise. You should be looking around if you feel like your skin is a bit dull and in need of some Magic!!.


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