That’s A Wrap

AS I write this,  the sun is shining,  the girls are watching Mermaid 2 and I’m just about to have a coffee – all is good in my hood…here’s what happened this week…

The Paris attack will be headline news for a long time to come and we were told that the mastermind is dead.

It’s hard to accept.  A giant of a man, an ogre on the field and a gentleman off..Jonah Lomu is gone..and far too young at 40.  Tributes continue to pour in for the New Zealand rugby legend…

jonah lomu

The Christmas ad war is on…  John Lewis was flavor of the month last week (and it’s still only November!!!!!), but the Spanish Lottery ad seems to be pulling at everyone’s heart strings…it’s cute and has a nice message and the music is moving in itself – but I dunno,  in the back of my mind I just keep thinking “So,  what does he do during the day that he has to set his alarm for 10pm??)..
spanish lottery ad

The SVP have launched their Christmas appeal.  This is the busiest time of year as the society take in 70% of their public funding this time of year…so keep them in mind if you can – none of us know what’s around the corner..

svp logo

I love this!!!…Chat show hosts love to show footage of guests from years gone by – and 98FM have unearthed my favourite two men from THEIR OWN early days – check out Graham Norton dissing the disco and Ryan Tubridy doing – guess what – book reviews!!! Shock!!!…I just want to squash them both!!!!! in a good way.

graham norton credit tubridy

There’s nothing like a good storm to excite us and have us talking about ‘the weather’ in an even more animated manner!  I bored the ears of Rebecca on Tuesday evening discussing the pros and cons of venturing over the M bloody 50!!!..the storm blew over,  branches fell,  and for those of you interested I headed across that M50 …I’m crazy like that!!

storm barney credit -

Bono and the boys are back in Town – they kicked off the first leg of their Irish tour on Wednesday night and fans were tweeting and snapping and god knows what else about how fantastic the band were..


A new exhibition of Kate Moss has opened in the UK.  For someone who suffered badly for posing nude at the start of her career..she  certainly got over that phobia ..still some incredible shots and all in the name of ‘art’..

kate moss

Domhnaill Gleeson has made his modelling debut – and where else – in Vogue of course…VOGUE!!! Who does that???!!!!  It’s not the first time a red-head cracker has graced the pages of Vogue but I just think he’s a class act – and well – it’s Vogue! ..,VOGUE I say!!

domhnaill gleeson creidt


Just days after the atrocities in Paris,  Mali is the scene of further bloodshed as extremists storm the Radisson Blu Hotel at 7am. Those who could recite the Koran escaped…

the radisson blu -

And yet another reason not to miss The Graham Norton Show…

graham norton show

We’re all aware of the perils of social media –but we tend to focus on how to protect our teens from them.  However an article in the Huffington Post has alerted people to the dangers of checking up on former flames on facebook…read it…it’s easily done – no bad intentions,  but it shows how things can go awry..


If you have 4’52” to spare just watch this…

Terror spreads as Brussels goes on the highest possible alert after detailed information comes out on a similar planned attack like that on Paris…

grand place brussels

“Once a Loreto Girl ,  always a Loreto Girl”.. I have the best memories from school – but I forgot all these school day flashbacks– Rebecca went to a southside school, and I know she has some mad stories – she constantly has myself and our transition year students in stitches laughing at them so she might be able to relate to these..thanks to for putting a smile on my face!!

bic pen

Change is constant I know,  and some would say it’s always for the best,  but try telling that to the staff of Xtravision who have been notified that all 28 across the country are closing.  I, myself haven’t been in an Xtravision store for years – Disney DVDs are the height of my movie nights…But I remember with very fond memories when date night would start with a trip to Xtravision…


The long awaited Zoolander Trailer is out!   The movie itself won’t be out until February 2016….and the stars of the first film are back.  It’s been 14 years since we met Hansel and Derek,  and as you would expect Zoolander 2 follows the ageing models as they cope with growing old in the fashion industry.  Benedict Cumberbatch also stars which probably means I’ll be FROW..( get it?) soaking up the glamour and humour and cameos..

zoolander 2 benedict

When I am in the car on my own,  the Disney CD comes out,  (though right now it’s a Christmas CD)… my own stuff goes in and pretty much I live every single one of these moments!…read on …

driving in car

..that’s it for That’s a Wrap – Bex is up next week!!

Corina xx

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