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  • The awards season is underway and Saoirse Ronan was the toast of Hollywood when she was awarded the ‘New Hollywood Award’ by one of her biggest fans Ryan Gosling….the awards ceremony celebrate movies not yet on general release and ear marks people likely to catch the eye of the Academy Awards moguls.

HOLLYWOOD - FEBRUARY 24: Actress Saoirse Ronan attends the 80th Annual Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre on February 24, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage) *** Local Caption ***

saoirse ronan and ryan gosling

  • Arnotts is now under the ownership of Galen Weston.  Along with Brown Thomas it hands over its reputation and heritage to the Canadian (who at least has an Irish Wife).  It’s been all over the papers this week ‘Selfridges take over Arnotts’ …I was disgusted at first but in hindsight..Brown Thomas still is just ‘Brown Thomas’ – hopefully it’ll be the same for Arnotts

arnotts galen and hilary weston mr selfridge selfridges on oxford street

  • The Stone Roses are off on tour again and after more than 20 years – new music is also on the way!!! To be brutally honest I’ve no great desire to see them live ..Ian Brown’s endearing inability to hold a tune might tire me after a while ( though his ability to write incredible tunes is ..well..incredible) – however,  YES,  I will be one of the first in line for their new album and if it’s anything like their first album imaginatively called “The Stone Roses”..I will be one happy bunny!!!

the stone roses cover the stone roses in 1987

jase dillan

The Boston woman caught a man filming unsuspecting women’s crotches on Newbury Street and in turn filmed him and confronted him on camera..when she asked him what gave him the right to film women without their permission he had the audacity to retort “What makes you think I have to ask permission”..what a complete bollox.   I just wish a policeman happened upon them on the street to he could have taken over  – good woman though!!!!

jase and creep

  • The long awaited much anticipated Balmain X and H&M range is here!!!..check out the NY launch here .. I believe there was carnage in Paris and other leading fashion capitals when it launched but I imagine the Irish fans were a tad more reserved though, no less enthusiastic!… check out these images from the night and go to to see some more…

h&m imge 5 h&m image 1 h&m image 2 h&m image 6 h&m imge 3

gigi hadid

h&mimge 4

  • Halloween was just hours behind us when we were treated to a Christmas Snow Globe on O’Connell Street in Dublin..I thought it was too soon – until I realised it was to launch a fantastic Christmas ahead of us in Dublin..there’s a full list of what to expect from the Live Crib to the Christmas lighting ceremony.


  • We can look forward to a bit of light-hearted comedy in 2016 with the return of Patsy and Eddie – yes the ‘dynamic duo’ hit the big screen – and they’re on the run…from the paparazzi!  With a long list of famous names adding to the excitement ..I think this will be a chick flick ‘sans tears’…One of my favourite stills from the upcoming movie has to be this one of Kate Moss emerging from the River Thames.. as the Irish Sun so beautifully put it “Absolutely FAGulous”..

katemoss-abfab-lead-xlarge kate moss in thames for ab fab

  • It started with the loss of 224 lives when a Russian plane came down over Egypt..a terrible tragedy,  then hundreds of tourists were stranded in Sharm El-Sheikh..then rescue planes were sent and turned back as Egyptian authorities refused to let them land…just get them home before their families suffer any more.
  • Where does it end??? Human error happens daily but unfortunately can ruin lives..I’m not talking about popping to the shop and forgetting the bloody milk – earlier this week Eoin White’s case was settled for an act of ‘human error’ when a surgeon accidentally cut through his optic nerve during routine gland surgery..the man is now legally blind…

eoin white

  • An inquest heard that the reason 3 brothers Paul,  Kenny,  and Shane Bolger drowned when their boat sank of Waterford 2 years ago was because the emergency device failed to activate..THE EMERGENCY DEVICE FAILED TO ACTIVATE???!!!!!..this is horrific???!!!!!  Lives are being ruined and lost by people not taking due care in their jobs…and an apology is never enough…

paul, shane, and kenny bolger

  • Charlotte Tilbury is no ordinary Makeup Artist – she’s not even a makeup artist to the Stars – SHE is the STAR..SHE is the CELEBRITY!!!  Rebecca just swears by her products and every so often sneaks the latest lipstick or eye palette out of her handbag with that “What??!!!…I NEEDED a new lipstick!!” look on her face..anyway the cosmetic genius was in BTs in Dublin during the week for a Q&A with Xpose’s Karen Koster…and be assured you can expect some stunning new products from Charlotte (cos,  we’re…on first name terms – right??) for Christmas.  Exclusive to Brown Thomas – it’s not just BTs on Grafton Street that stock her – Charlotte Tilbury opens in BT2 in Dundrum on the 25th November and BTs in Limerick in January..

charlotte tilbury with celeb pals

NO REPRO FEE.6/11/2015.International makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury arrive`s in Brown Thomas on Grafton street with models Teo Sutra and Louise Byrne. Charlotte opened another counter in BT2 Dundrum and in Brown Thomas Limerick in January. Photo: Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland.

NO REPRO FEE.6/11/2015.International makeup artist , Charlotte Tilbury with Karen Koster in Brown Thomas Dublin. Charlotte opened another counter in BT2 Dundrum and in Brown Thomas Limerick in January. Photo: Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland.

  • and with Christmas in the air – Brown Thomas on Grafton Street have their Christmas Window display on display!!!..stunning…

brown thomas christmas windows (2)

…Did someone mention Christmas??!!!!  Who..ME??!!! The John Lewis Ad is out…myself and Rebecca discussed it..I thought it was beautiful but unrealistic pointing out there IS no man on the moon – Rebecca shared the true meaning behind it ( reaching out the lonely at Christmas) and I thought – “Wow she is so insightful!”…I didn’t realize the thought and meaning behind the ad was published with its release – Rebecca Horan – I sussed you!…anywho – here it is …

I’m also liking the Christmas ad for Boots  – it’s just girls world all over!!!  ( though secretly I think they’ll never beat last year’s!)

For sheer happiness – check out the Aldi Christmas ad ..

…and sure where would we be without the iconic Guinness Christmas ad??!!..

My girl Rebecca joined journalist Brian O’Connell as she took her seat on the couch opposite Maura and Daithi – she looked stunning and stunned ME into silence when she stated that she ‘just wasn’t that friendly with Ronaldo anymore and didn’t know what was going on in his life’…GOING ON HIS LIFE??!!!!  I will bet you she doesn’t even know he’s a footballer!!!!  Joining Maura and Daithi the same day was one of Ireland’s natural beauties Yvonne Mc Mahon Tiernan…her RTE Player show The Couch is like Yvonne – pure class and funny as hell..
boounnamed-1 yvonne and yvonne chatting motherhood with blatihnidunnamed-2

  • If you were at this year’s Electric Picnic and think you may have left..I dunno.. a welly or a phone behind…don’t immediately assume it’s  been robbed…the Gardai are giving you one last chance to claim your lost property – I love it!!!!…I wasn’t even there but enjoyed having a good goo…
  • It’s what we’ve suspected all along – Breakfast drinks have high levels of sugar – but I hadn’t realized just how high!!!  In a survey of 20 brands,  some showed up to 6 spoons of sugar in each serving!!!  SIX spoons of sugar – no wonder it’s a slippery slope for the rest of the day if you’re a sugar addict!!!

fruit juices

  • We’re all sick to death of hearing about thugs been given a second chance,  let loose on the street again,  and giving the opportunity of ruining another many chances was 16 year old Dovydas Andriskevicius  given??!!! Seriously I am fed up listening to do gooders preach about giving them a chance to change,  and everyone has to be given the right to redeem themselves – feck that…something HAS to change – the tide has to turn..PLEASE may the law recognise the importance of innocent people’s lives!!!
  • Recently I’ve been wondering why the hell Smyths don’t employ people to assemble toys on the run up to Christmas…how many of us have tried to build a toy late on Christmas Eve,  try to dispose of the evidence,  and try not kill eachother??!!!  Well at least Tesco have used their heads…a store in the UK have advertised for a Christmas Light Untangler…now that is a step in the right direction…

Corina x

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