I’ve never written a movie review before and don’t worry I’m not about to now. I don’t mind a synopsis but someone else’s opinion is never going to influence my decision on whether I watch a film or not. Film making is an art, and in the words of the Mighty Mickey Mouse “There is no right or wrong when it comes to making art”.

However, I just had to share the new movie “Brooklyn” with you. Thanks to The Irish Sun and the Odeon Cinema in Finglas I got to see it on Sunday night ahead of it’s general release. I generally go for comedies..I don’t do scary movies at all, thrillers are always good and chick flicks would need to be bloody hilarious to hold my attention. But give me a love triangle and I’m hooked.
For me the significant love triangle in this movie is between Colm Toibin (novelist), Nick Hornby (screen writer) and John Crowley (director).
love triangle
Chemistry is key in any relationship ,yes?? Well it’s not just for the screen and its evident these three geniuses ‘ have it goin on!’ My time line of emotions?..for the rest of the night I was choked up, the next day.. still slightly lost for words as to how it affected me and day 3 – here I am telling you how much I loved it.
The on-screen love triangle is between Saoirse Ronan ( Ellis Lacey), Emory Cohen (Tony), and Domhnaill Gleeson (Jim Farrell).
screen love triangle
It’s a toughie – they’re all Goodies no Baddies and Ellis has to work out where her heart AND her head lie. In her position I don’t know if I could and I would hope I’d have made the same decision but it shows how strong a woman has to become to walk her own path in life.
I’m not going to tell you what I think about the plot etc, instead I’ll give you MY version of IMDB’s cast list…

SAOIRSE RONAN ( Ellis Lacey)…Powerful, clever and quick-witted– a true heroine..

saoirse ronan and ellis lacey
EMORY COHEN (Tony) – he’s only 25 and I know it’s SO wrong..but he had me at hello…

emory cohen as tony
DOMHNAILL GLEESON (Jim Farrell) …The Ideal Man – ticks ALL the boxes!..

domhnaill gleeson as jim farrell
JULIE WALTERS (Mrs Kehoe)…Won’t tolerate politics or religion at the dinner table – good woman to have on your side though..

julie walters as mrs kehoe
EMILY BETT RICKARDS (Patty)..another of Mrs Kehoe’s boarders..bit bitchy but dead on..

emily bett rickards as patty
EVE MACKLIN (Diana)..sits beside Patty at the dinner table and goads Ellis but I like her..

eve macklin as diana (left)
JENN MURRAY (Dolores)..A Cavan girl in the boarding house, hell-bent on finding a man and plays a subtly pivotal role in Ellis and Tony’s courtship..

jenn murray
JIM BROADBENT (Fr Flood)..a family friend and Ellis’ sponsor in the US – sweet and fatherly…

jim broadbent as fr flood
NORA JANE NOONE (Sheila)…yet another boarder and yet another crutch for Ellis through her homesickness..

nora jane noone as Sheila
EVA BIRTHISTLE (Georgina)..woman of the world and possibly the only person to keep Ellis sane on the way to the US

eva birthistle
BRID BRENNA ( Mrs Kelly) ..a wagon..but in the end did Ellis a favour

FIONA GLASCOTT ( Rose)…Ellis’ supportive sister …life deals her a nasty blow..


So there you have it – I guess you can tell I love this movie, and can’t wait to read the book!!! But hey, don’t let ME influence whether or not YOU go!
Corina x

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