It’s All In The Eyes

AS the seasons change so do the makeup trends. One season neon eyes are ‘so now!’, the next burgundy lips are the only pout to possess, another – it’s all about contouring and then another claiming contouring is ‘so last season’!!!..

But one thing we can all agree on – we all like to have our eyes ‘done’ and regardless of whether the ‘experts’ say we need to go ‘barely there’ or ‘full on smoky’, chances are we don’t feel complete until we have our liner done…
Rebecca rocked a strong sexy eye for her wedding – you hardly thought she would go anything less !!! She is one of those few girls who was able go all out sexy on her wedding day and still look like a lady

IMG_1060 fact, check out this fab feature on Frock Advisor thanks to Sonia Lennon and Brendan Courtney
I opted for a simpler eye, I just wanted something fresh – and I was lucky enough to have the A-Team – Stephen Kelly did my hair and Paula Callan was in charge of my mug. To this day (ten years later) – I still love my wedding makeup – thank you again Paula!!!!

me on wedding day
…but my point is that it is so important to wear your makeup how YOU like if you like a touch of mascara or are more inclined to spend an hour at the mirror – do what makes you FEEL happy and hence LOOK a million dollars…
But back to EYELINERS…the A/W catwalks were filled with feline flicks and sultry smoky peepers from the smudged and sexy eye at Monique Lhuillier,

monique lhuillier a:w 2015

to the sixties vibe for Badgely Mishka

badgeley mishka a:w 2015

and the perfectly simple flick at Oscar De La Renta
osacar de la renta a:w 2015

So for what it’s worth – here are my FAB FIVE…

..let’s get the festive season underway with this set from MAKEUP FOREVER 
All you need to be smoking hot – including the all important highly pigmented and water proof Aqua Eyes eyeliner..
makeup forever smoky extravagant kit €23

2) Going to the other extreme but still keeping it strong Giorgio Armani have 3 amazing EYE TINT shades for Winter…with added pearl particles and pigments you can be guaranteed of an intense gaze – use the eye tint as a sheer wash or layer it up for a sophisticated eyeliner..
Giorgio armani holiday collecton shot - luxe is moregiorgio armani eye tint

3) If you let your lips do the talking and play down your eyes, you still need to spend time..the Bright Eyes Pencil (€12.95) from FUSCHIA skillfully placed will open up your eyes no end..

fuschia bright eyes pencil

4) For long lasting wear and fast drying action the easiest product on your pocket will be this classic from CATRICE – the Catrice Eyematic Eyeliner (€3.69)

#010 Stay With Me!
#010 Stay With Me!

5) The Masters of Makeup MAX FACTOR make eye lining foolproof with their MASTERPIECE HIGH PRECISION LIQUID EYELINER €10.99.
Whether you want a thick or thin line the paddle shaped tip makes it easy – perfect for day and night!..

max factor campaign

maxfactor high precision ligquid eyeliner

So there you have it – and just aid and abet here are a few links to fab sites in case you need a hand!…


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