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Ireland beat France


Remember how sticky the passport office used to be about your passport photo??? Who’d have known they now in 2015 accept selfies!..and not only that we can now use a passport card in 27 european countries!!! What’s the world coming to??!!

passport selfies

Rebecca and I wowed the airwaves for 2 hours on Monday when we took part in WIMS – a pop up radio station from St Patrick’s hospital in Dublin. This past week has been Mental Health Awareness Week and thanks to Sarah Surgenor and her team – it was a huge success..well done All!!..and Rebecca wrote a beautiful post all about the great work St Pats do and the week that was in it..

walk in my shoes quotewalk in my shoes image

Monday the Nation’s little superhero Cian sadly passed away whilst waiting for treatment and his heartbroken Mammy wrote a moving post..

She wrote: “I want to thank everyone for the messages of support during this difficult time. I haven’t read most of them yet or answered you all but thank you. Donal, Chloe and I are completely devastated by the loss of our beautiful little Cian. I am just so honoured to be called Cian’s Mammy.

“He taught me so much and definitely made me a stronger and better person. He made a lot of people better people. In a lifetime no one would endure what he did in four short years yet he always had a beautiful smile on his face. I love my boy so much. I can’t imagine what is ahead and life without him. No parent should ever have to endure the heartache of losing a child. I can’t describe this awful pain. I’ve never felt pain like it before.

“I’m going to try to be strong for Chloe and Donal and I know Cian will help us too. Our house was always full of chat and fun because of Cian. Peppa Pig was always on. He bossed me around the place and I loved it. He always told me he loved me. I’ll miss his lovely big hugs and kisses. I’ll miss our busy life. Anybody who met Cian or heard his story were touched by him and loved him and his beautiful personality. I am so proud of Cian.

“Last night hundreds of people gathered outside our house with candles and sent lanterns into the sky. They even sang one of Cian’s favourite songs “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. It was so beautiful. Cian was always such a special little boy, now he’s a beautiful angel.

“I hope you are happy little man wherever you are and I promise to keep your memory alive. I know I’ll see you again. Thank you for everything. I love you so much forever. From your Mammy x”

Quote for CianCian-McDonnel-Lynch

Sherlock Holmes hits cinemas this Christmas!!!..The Christmas Special is its own entity and unconnected to the previous 3 all will be good in my hood – popcorn+ Christopher + Benedict = happy girl!!

sherlock holmes image

Have you ever gotten frustrated being stuck behind a herd of cattle on the road?

irish traffic jam

Then chances are you’d have ants in your pants in a rush hour traffic jam on the M50, but I know I would have kittens if I was stuck in the tailback that recently happened in China! 750 million people (half of the country’s population) took to the roads to enjoy a week long holiday ( China’s Golden Week), and due to a check point a 50 lane tailback occurred as motorists returned home on the last day…now THAT is annoying…

chinia tail back

I usually try to stay away from sad news, but this is a tragedy…The Nation share the shock of ten people losing their lives in a fire. The largest number of lives lost in a single fire since the Stardust disaster in 1981 when 48 people died. Words cannot express the fear, panic, and sadness the halting site residents must have experienced. May they Rest In Peace.

carrikmines fire

I’ve heard of people’s defences being down when they’re drunk but I find it hilarious that 33% of Vegetarians eat meat whilst drunk..unsurprisingly it’s the kebabs that get them every time!!!

non vegetarian kebab

If playing James Bond is a stretch too far you, but you consider yourself to be of the agile and thoughtful type, then check out Today FM ..the nationwide search is on for the new Milk Tray Man…aaghhh!!! The memories of those ads!!! Milk Tray – STILL my box of chocolates of choice!!! ..check out these ads from bygone days and see where the adventurous devils are now…

milk tray box of chocolates

The Oscars of the Radio Industry took place this week and 98FM claimed the award for best News Bulletin Award for the third year in a row!!! I’m not remotely surprised when our own Rebecca Horan is a member of that News team and was on the bulletin with Brendan O’Loughlin, Aideen Finnegan, Maria Shannon, Frank Greaney and Trish Laverty.


I had the privilege of being part of the line up for the Divine Boutique Fashion Show in Carton House on Friday night. It was to celebrate Divine Boutique’s 10th birthday and proceeds went to Neurofibromatosis Ireland. Mary Greene has been at the helm since the boutique’s birth and let me tell you Mary has remained the lady she always was!..What a night!! Beautiful clothes ( and anyone who knows me knows I rant about lack of clothes available for ladies with long torsos – Divine’s clothes actually fit me.. properly!!!..praise the Lord), stunning surroundings..I sense a Carton House history lesson coming soon ( you lucky guys!), and with the lovely Lorraine Keane as MC for the night…it brought the working week to an elegant close.. Models’ hair was by Ami McPartlin and makeup was by Judy Wong’s team!..whilst Liadan Hynes ensured we all looked impeccable head to toe

Lorraine keane and mary greeneyomiko chen divine boutique back stage

behind the scenes at divine boutiquemodel citizens backstage at divine

sell out show divine boutique

Yvonne Tiernan has always been one of the strongest women I know… she has so many layers and when you think she’s done it all – she does something else again! Married to Tommy Tiernan the Yvonne has her hands full with family and funny life but another string to her bow is RTE PLAYER’S First Exclusive Show – trust me – you do not want to miss this!

yvonne tiernan


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