That’s A Wrap – Highs And Lows


The Supermoon on Tuesday was beautiful – if you caught it – I was up in the middle of the night to pee and still missed it Doh! The supermoon, so called because it is the closet full moon to the Earth this year, is particularly rare as it coincides with a lunar eclipse, a combination that has not happened since 1982 and won’t happen again until 2033. Here it is in Glastonbury in the UK. Beautiful.

Photo Matt Cardy/Getty

I went from a fun morning on TV3s Midday on Tuesday to Loreto Beaufort. I was on with Rosemary McCabe, Amanda Brunker and Barbara Scully and it was a great laugh. I was nervous of teaching my first class with Corina in a while but we had a ball with the girls who asked some great questions. A really receptive bunch of students.

Loreto Beaufort

Autumn in all its glory – we had a beautiful week. Indian Summer heat with some counties recording highs of 20 degrees.

Herbert Park

IRELAND COME OOOOON – we play Italy at 4:45pm today. Can we make it a Hat-trick?


Watching Bridesmaids on the telly, I loved it when it came out first and Melissa McCarthy still kills me everytime oh and the Wilson Phillips song at the end..

Are you emotionally intelligent check here. I absolutely am 😜

Bit of love left in the world. Photos of a Father of the bride bringing the stepdad of the bride up the aisle have gone viral. 


Matt Damon acts out his career and it’s worth a watch

A Robin Williams letter goes Viral


My Mum is one talented lady and I just wanted to give her a shout out for the beautiful job she did upcycling her old Dries Van Noten lavender shoes that she’s had for a while. I’m sure they cost a pretty penny at the time so she decided to refresh the colour using Angelus dyes by Fabric Spray Ireland. The suede wasn’t affected by the dye at all. Great Irish company. Love the idea of reusing things we are a bit tired of.


Bar Refaeli delighted fans by sharing a first photo from her wedding on Wednesday. The picture sees the 30-year-old Israeli model show off her gorgeous Chloé wedding gown next to husband Adi Ezra. My favourite wedding dress hands down.


The Taoiseach’s visit to a new centre in Kildare didn’t go according to plan – Enda Kenny – who was with two Ministers for Agriculture – was trapped in a lift for 10 minutes before they were freed. Minister Jimmy Deenihan described it as a “good meeting room” and “intimate”. Being a politician has its ups and downs (sorry)

The IFTA Nominations are out. Check them out here

Lovely news – ridey pants diver Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Blake are delighted after getting engaged.


Lena Dunham on Ellen – priceless. I know I’m a total fan girl and a little too obsessed with Lena and Lenny’s Letters and Girls, however I still agree with calls for more racial diversity on her show. Come on Lena, it’s New York in 2015, white hipsters definitely aren’t the majority.

Jimmy Kimmel had some great Live Mean tweets this week.

A five-year-old girl, who had a life threatening heart condition has made a full recovery, thanks to an innovative technique used by a surgeon in the United States


The Irish Times Women’s Podcast is the best thing! What an ingenious idea. Catch them in the link above. Myself and Alison Curtis were both singing its praises in work yesterday.

Listening to the first album from Kate Nash again and reminiscing. I loved Birds so much… I used to play it over and over again. Brings me back! So much angst over one boy.


This Topshop suit is the best thing about the autumn.



9 people were killed in a mass shooting at a Community College in Oregon in the US. Disgusting but now critics are saying President Barrack Obama is powerless to reform gun laws


The mass trial of Ibrahim Halawa has been postponed for the 9th time. It will be heard for a tenth time on December 15th. The 19 year old from Firhouse has been in custody for 779 days – he was arrested at a protest in Cairo in 2013.

download (2)

A senior priest in the Vatican has been stripped of his doctrinal responsibilities after coming out publicly as gay.

Industrial action by 36 employees who supervise key An Post equipment continues.

download (1)

The passing of Brian Friel. The funeral of one of Ireland’s greatest playwrights is taking place today in Donegal. He died at his home on Friday morning at the age of 86. Liam Neeson paid tribute to the writer describing him as “Ireland’s Chekhov” and a “master craftsman”. While Meryl Streep, who starred in the film version of his best loved play Dancing at Lughnasa, described him as a “tender dramatist, an insightful humanist and a lovely man”. I for one adored him growing up, I was first introduced to him by my mum who brought me to his plays and again by my wonderful English teacher Mr McClure and then when I taught in Clongowes I brought the students to his play Lovers, they loved it, I even directed a version of Translations. He had a way of speaking to teenagers and adults in the same language.



England are out of the World Cup…..they crashed out of the competition after a dismal 33-13 defeat to Australia. It leaves head coach Stuart Lancaster under pressure to keep his job, despite the fact he’s contracted to 2020. It’s also not great for business in the UK, reports say billions could be lost in revenue as a result.


Barack Obama’s promised to fully investigate the suspected US bombing of a hospital in Afghanistan – in which 12 aid workers died. MSF says the airstrikes violate international law.

Longboat Quay debacle. What an absolute disgrace and today the architect told the Sunday Times he’s ‘sceptical’ about the extent of supposed dangers.

20090407023939_Longboat Quay

Very sad – the body of Breda Delaney who was reported missing in July has been recovered. The family are taking comfort from the fact that she can now be laid to rest. The body of the 72-year-old was discovered from the sea in Scotland.

It’s reported the driver of a bin lorry, which crashed in Glasgow killing six people, has been arrested over claims he drove without a licence.


Tomorrow evening Corina and I are presenting our radio show on Walk In My Shoes Radio from 5-7pm.

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