Beauty & Fashion Tips

I have put together my beauty and fashion tips. ADVISORY Corina did a lovely job last week, I, however like to meander, go off topic…. so bear with me here.

Corina is one of those natural beauties who can make a plain shirt look stunning so I have never seen her have an OFF day in our long friendship. She is lucky. For the rest of us putting together an outfit can be a challenge and I know moods, fat days and the weather don’t help.


Also it is important to note that¬†we are just throwing some ideas out there for days that you find you are struggling to get your shit together or need some inspiration or want to read another stupid style blog on your commute home ūüôā

To clarify I am by no means a self-proclaimed stylist/skateboard instructor/wart remover/reiki expert/pilot/marketing mogul or gardener. I am however, a crazy bag lady journalist with a dog, combination skin, a fetish for hoarding used shopping bags and a postcode (YES thank you Eircode)

Right, so in my opinion there are no style rules. I always think what TO WEAR not what NOT TO WEAR. I’m so anarchic like that, so Sex Pistols. Anywhoo I digress.

We have come a long way from the first couture designer,¬†Rose Bertin, who designed for¬†Marie Antoinette, Queen of France ¬†TO Charles Frederick Worth who was known for his modern sense and¬†well known for his ‘Crinolines’.

We’ve had 50s Stepford Wife, 60s Monochromatic Minis, 70s Beaded Badass Boho to the 80s, lets just move swiftly along to the 90s and noughties shall we where things weren’t overly complicated to now when anything goes really.

The modern muse – SJP

1. DO IT YOUR WAY – Frank Sinatra¬†would be so proud of me – just wear what you¬†want to wear, if you aren’t catching your death, doing a Janet Jackson, wearing clothes that smell like wee or clothes that could blind a stranger then put it on! While fashion rules have their hearts in the right place, they are either outdated or¬†misinformed nonsense. With the exception of certain workplaces¬†where¬†a uniform is required and in those instances being maverick or creative is just plain silly or of course the obvious don’t show your hoo-ha in the office, besides that anything goes.

  • PRINT¬†– ¬†Experiment with textures, cuts, tones, but the point here is we don’t want to wear clothes that distract from our personality, brains and faces do we? Mix and match, bright with dark and ombre can be lovely too.
Maje 70s suit
Basic Bitch
ASOS PJS and Diesel Shirt
Topshop Velvet Waistcoat
FullSizeRender 2
Ombre Zoe Jordan trousers


My floral dress


  • CUT A FEW INCHES OFF YOUR¬†PANTS & SHOW SOME ANKLE¬†Any jumpsuit, pair of jeans or leather pants I buy I always chop off the bottom. Partly because I hate clean edges and partly because I am a funny height, not short and not tall and I think cropped is more flattering on me – I also have a penchant for a tanned, lean ankle. Brings me back to the Absolutely Fabulous Episode ‘FAT’ – remember Eddie’s line “thin ankles Patsy, thin ankles” anyway my ankles may be my best part, they have a myriad of talents…But if you are a cankle girl {a woman’s fat or swollen ankle whose flesh merges with that of the calf -WTF – who writes these explanations online} ¬†then you can also do this but just crop a little lower to show a little skin but not as much bone (or lack thereof)
Originally these were long wide leg pants from Lipsy
I call these my Kanye West pants. They would be something he’d wear to the gym. They are from Zara and have a high waistband so I cropped them.
Get your ankles out and stick on an anklet – so very 90s and so very pretty
  • GLAM AND CASUALWEAR GO WELL TOGETHER¬†Again this goes back to the fact that I don’t think there should be rules as far as dressing up goes – I think wearing a ballet pump, trainer or flip flop with a full length dress can be very elegant. Sometimes heels aren’t all that flattering (they can do something strange to the calf muscle) ¬†also there is nothing pretty about not being able to walk in heels. I love cut-outs on the shoulder and open backed tops, they dress up a pair of jeans perfectly.
My RI Cut-out
An M&S nightie and a Maje lace overlay to be bridesmaid
Air Max runners with a floor length dress and dusty pink short jacket
barefoot wedding vibes
FullSizeRender 4
Topshop Unique Jewelled cut-out jumper
  • FUR – ZARA, SHRIMPS OR A STAR IS BORN –¬†Corina did a great post on fur recently – check it out. Fur isn’t for everyone. But I think the 80s synthetic fur overload is gone and the Pat Butcher comparisons are also gone. Now fur can be chic, tasteful and oh so cosy. Fur instantly dresses up a flat outfit. Add some red lipstick or a flick of black eyeliner and Bob’s your auntie (just trying to be Politically Correct)
Zara Fur



FullSizeRender 5
Wandering around Berlin in my fur hat
Folkster Kilkenny coat


New York Honeys
Sienna Miller
  • ICE ICE BABY – BLING Little Fish Designs in Blackrock SC or Loulerie on Chatham Street do jewellery gems. Urban Outfitters and Topshop do the odd fun¬†costume¬†piece and Johnston’s Corner near Powerscourt SC in town is a very special little shop.¬†Beautiful pieces that can be worn day in day out. Chupi is a lovely Irish brand with a beautiful selection of rings. Don’t save your good¬†jewellery for special¬†occasions. Is¬†your life not a special occasion? Christ I got deep there.¬†And layer those beauties. Gone are the days where we wore only one Alan Ardiff piece or a single charm.
Johnston’s Corner









Little Fish Designs
  • BACKLESS Try not to show your ass crack, that’s too far! but a little skin is ok when it comes to your back, exfoliate using a loofah,¬†moisturise and wear a drop of St Tropez Everyday, let someone else apply it with a mitt. Strong backs are so back!
RI top
Sunbathing at a good friend’s wedding
Que-Va dress at Jenny Vander


  • GLAM GLOW AND TAN – are¬†lifesavers, Glam Glow is not cheap but if you have skin that can be tempermental then it’s wonderful. Good skin never goes out of fashion. I envy my sisters their skin, they have perfect skin. Yes I am lucky with my sallow skin (blah blah blah – shop assistants love to say “it’s lovely with YOUR colouring” like I’m a banana or stylists like to ask where I originated from ‘eh here, just here in the Rotunda via Leeson St, Dublin 2’) ¬†I think I’ve picked up some good habits after years of visiting Dermatologists. Sugar is the enemy, so is alcohol, dehydrated skin is bad news, flying, too much sun, too little sun, too much sweat and dreaded hormones. Mind your skin before it’s too late, cleanse and moisturise¬†(toning is very harsh on skin) use GOOD products, spend money on them, a¬†spray tan cures all ills, it doesn’t sit well on my skin but I have friends who look incredible after a spray. – FOR DIY tanning St Tropez or Cocoa Brown or Sally Hansen when you are rushing. ¬†For skincare Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant and a good strong moisturiser, I use Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream and L’Oreal for wrinkles. Good suncream is a must too. French pharmacies do the best ones like La Roche Posay or Sisley.



2. MIND YOUR MITTS – CHIPPED NAILS CAN LOOK VERY UNPROFESSIONAL I LIKE A MANICURE IN BLACK OR BEIGE¬†OR SOMETIMES WINE AND A PEDICURE IN PALE PINK OR BLOOD RED – Like my swimwear I never match my top to my bottom (steady I ain’t talking about carpets/rugs here) I love going to Sarah Gaynor in BABOOSHKA Temple Bar for my nails or MINK for a pedicure and chilling with no phone or Jenny Wong in TROPICAL POPICAL for a quick gellish and a lovely setting.

Tropical Popical

3. ¬†BROWS – THE BROW ARTIST – Yep Lorna and Liz Farrelly have even been¬†shortlisted for¬†Image Magazine’s Businesswomen of¬†the year. A great brow can¬†change the shape of your face, go framed, go soft, don’t go too¬†thin or too severe. I struggle¬†here because I’m naturally dark and when my hair is light my brows can look CRAZY, I can end up looking more Rita Ora than Cara D if I’m not careful so that’s where Lorna works her magic.

brows courtesy of The Brow Artist

4. TURN TO THE PROFESSIONALS FOR SOMETHING SPECIAL –¬†If you don’t have the money to buy a new outfit and you are feeling tired and uninspired a blowdry and a makeup application can help no end. I turn to my miracle worker mate Mike from Zeba and my very talented friend Charlotte Goodwin for makeup. Corina is an incredible makeup artist but I just need to move her closer to me. She did my wedding makeup. Paula Callan and Judy Wong are also wonderful but alas it’s not often I get the chance to visit them. My stylist friend Trudy Hayes has a great new App Raven which¬†connects stylists, agencies and customers alike. Brilliant idea.

FullSizeRender 2
Hair envy – Caroline Flack
Mike in Zeba
makeup by Corina Grant
makeup by Charlotte Goodwin

5. TEETH  РI wash my teeth after every meal, I always have a spare travel toothbrush and paste in my handbag. I buy Irish, Colgate is the only brand for me. I drink a lot of coffee so it removes stains but it also prevents me from snacking. Teeth whitening can damage enamel so people swear by these strips if you need to reduce the yellow stains.

Whitening can damage enamel so for some help my friend swears by these

6. WEIGHTS – I agree with Corina if¬†you aren’t¬†running and haven’t the money for gym membership then walk your butt off, quite literally, walking works wonders and helps clear the head too. For the most impact it’s weights over cardio for me. Weights can transform your body shape, giving definition, tone and stretch out the muscles that have been in a retirement home in Florida for ten years. I go to weights classes where every inch is being worked.








I love the names but also how they cover a multitude, myself and Caroline Flack finally have something in common, this Sandro lace polo neck.

IMG_2902 turtleneck-audrey




8. INVEST IN DECENT¬†UNDERWEAR, SWIMWEAR,¬†FOUNDATION, SUNGLASSES, A WINTER COAT AND JUMPSUITS (cheap Jumpsuits = CAMEL TOE) Underwear is pretty obvious, you want support, for it to last, not to fall apart in the washing machine or give you four breasts. Swimwear is the same, you will be showing your body in all it’s glory so you do not¬†want¬†flimsy or cheap or see-through (or maybe you do) Foundation because it sits on your skin all day long soaking¬†into your pores (gross isn’t it) I love Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, Estee lauder for LOOOONNNGG days and Loreal True Match for a lovely finish and¬†Bourjois when I’m penny pinching. Sunglasses won’t break if you buy strong, decent ones, I like anything by RayBan, Armani and Massimo Dutti on the¬†highstreet.¬†Jumpsuits made cheaply show too much of¬†the front and back bottom and are just plain hideous. Winter coats you’ve spent a few bob on won’t ball up or lose their shape.



10. BUY AT LEAST ONE PAIR OF GOOD BLACK PANTS IN LEATHER, DENIM OR WOOL A GREAT INVESTMENT – Lovely for days where colour isn’t your friend or days your ass is as big as Japan or just days when you want to look¬†like a lady.IMG_1819

AND SMILE – It’s just life. Nobody gets out alive anyway.¬†Looking like a miserable, sour faced cow never got anyone a job or a spare seat on the bus! Trying to convince people you are important or different by looking distant or behaving aloof is just sad. You are just missing out! Except maybe VB – she has a pretty good job and husband.


AND I also get it wrong a lot – sure that’s half the fun.

Wrong on every level even if it is Christmas. Circa 2010

PS Everything I’ve learnt has been from my mum



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