Models Have Feelings Too

So all models are dumb, we’re shallow, we’re vain, we’re bitches and we love ourselves. Really??..isn’t it funny how people think they have the right to judge someone who makes money out of how they look??


This (let’s give it a name shall we?) ‘little irk’ of mine bubbled to the surface recently when I was told to “Get a Grip and keep up” and that “There was a whole other world out there” …it happened last week prior to the All Ireland Games; Situation No.1: Talking to a person from Tipperary, I assumed they were excited about the Minors final against!!… Silly Me!!.. They were focused on the Seniors final – fair enough – but why was I told sarcastically to “Keep up Corina!!”..should THEY not be more proud of their own County Colours??..just sayin! Situation uimhir a do (yes, yes, isn’t it shocking a model has cupla focal??)…THIS TIME, when asked why I wasn’t donning blue (it was Sept 20th), it was quickly suggested I didn’t know there was a whole other world out there outside of fashion.. GO WAY – I DID not know that!!! I pointed out that as I was born in Co. Monaghan with a Monaghan mother and a Donegal father – I tend to support those teams..BITE ME! So what!!. I live in Dublin, I was born in Monaghan – simple. The mad thing is, it’s always people who are in my circle of friends that think they can insult me.

Unknown 2

I hear it all the time about models in general – there is a general feeling that models are up their own bums!..we’re not. Models are people who happen to have features they can make money out of. Is that a crime?? You all know what I mean. I’m lucky to still have friends from school and have made friends and kept them throughout life but I would be a naïve fool to think they haven’t had a bitch about me.’s a fact..get over it – I have.


I was chatting to a girl recently who told me that a few of her friends had become models and they had totally changed and didn’t have time to hang out with her and just became really full of themselves. Don’t get me wrong – maybe they DID..but could there be a SLIGHT chance that SHE doesn’t understand how bloody time consuming modeling can be?? Models work anti-social hours, a lot of other stuff goes on aside from seeing their picture in a magazine. It’s not a Monday to Friday 9 to 5 job ..models are essentially freelancing, they have to pretty much be on call 24/7..which means that often they have to pull out of meeting a friend to do a job..guess what, they don’t work??, they don’t get paid.

Scribe by Roz White with black satin tuxedo lapel 495
Rozanna Purcell

It’s tough but true – models are always judged on how they look (which is one of the main reasons I think it’s a negative industry), so they HAVE to keep themselves looking good. We all know the models who have the tan done religiously, extensions are a necessity, talons topped up, and pole dancer shoes donned to pop into Penneys..but most models are not like that – but yes, they still have to look decent..ever see a hairdresser with messy hair?..ever see a car sales man in a banger?..ever see fat fitness instructor?.. no you haven’t so back off.


I’ve never claimed to be an Einstein, but you know what?..I did fairly good in my Leaving Cert, I’ve travelled the world, I have an excellent reputation with clients, agencies and colleagues alike, I work with Rebecca to equip teenagers with the tools to deal with life, I’m a Makeup Artist, I could go on and on – but I won’t – God forbid someone might think I have a big head…but my point is, just because someone is a model does not make them a dumb bitch.



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