That’s A Wrap – Highs And Lows

What??!!! Another week over us???? Holy Guacamole!! It’s been a week of ups and downs – that’s for sure. But during my last round-up of the week’s carry on…it got me quite down writing it and I decided – there is enough negative news on the airwaves and t’internet, so I’m just going to stick with what catches my eye..whether it’s good , bad, or straight down the middle!..


I’m just back from 4 days in Disneyland Paris – FOUR happy and very tired Doyles are back in the land of reality where a mouse gets chased and squashed to death instead of getting chased and HUGGED to death!!!


Saturday saw a mob of Assets Models head for Golden Island Shopping Centre in Athlone to showcase A/W15 style and as usual it was the best craic hanging out and just having a laugh with the girls.

dressed head to toe in Carraig Donn from Golden Island Shopping Centre
Wearing Carriage Donn

Kenan and Kel reunited!!!!! Bex was very excited

L to R: Kel Mitchell as Kel; Kenan Thompson as Kenan in Kenan & Kel, part of TeenNick's

Chatshow chit-chat. Tulisa and Tommy Tiernan appeared on RTEs new chatshow with host Ray D’arcy at the helm and Matt Damon was brilliant on Graham Norton

The TODAY Show on RTE is back!! ..Daithi is looking dapper, Maura is as CLASS as ever and yes, our BEX made an appearance on the first show – these days, what would a TV panel be without her??!!!! Go girl!!

FullSizeRender 2
FullSizeRender 5

The Knockranny Hotel in Westport hosted this year’s Network Ireland Business Awards where some of Ireland’s leading ladies in the world of business are recognized and honoured. Deserved winners all round – but chuffed to say Louise Mc Clean from the Clarion Hotel in Liffey Valley Dublin won the Employee Award – Louise is an absolute lady and loved by everyone in The Clarion!!!

women in business awards - Louise MCClean - third in from left

There’s lucky and then there is being down right blessed!!! A Woman in Michigan bought a lottery ticket back in May, forgot she bought it, then her memory was jogged when she happened to hear a winning ticket had being sold in her local shop that hadn’t been claimed…so like any normal person she turned her house upside down – found the ticket and hey presto – she’s a millionaire!!!! Love it!!!

lucky lottery lady

Oh please, oh please let Met Eireann be right and may we have this promised sunshine!!!!

always look on the bright side of life

Thousands of euro was raised for Walk In my Shoes which does wonderful work at St Patrick’s Hospital in Dublin to help people suffering with mental health issues. A ball was held in The Mansion House on Saturday. Bex attended with Sarah Surgenor who is head of communications at St. Pats and does incredible work there. There’s just over a week to go until Walk In my Shoes Radio and Bex and I are presenting our show on the 5th of October from 5pm – 7pm. Cannot wait. #WIMSFM

Sarah and Bex

Dublin-born designer Zoe Jordan was in town. Zoe was showcasing her Zoe Jordan x River island collection on Grafton Street and Bex met her fashion idol.

2014-10-22_new_4105802_I1 images



30,000 puppies are exported out of Ireland to the UK each year. A rally is taking place in the city today. Here are some pics of puppies to set you up for the day. You’re welcome.


Volkswagen Gate has personally hit me hard first car Bessie was a 1973 Beetle – I love Beetles ( the proper old ones mind you – none of these new fandangled versions). Emilio Macari is one of the nicest men to meet, and to discover the manufacturers have been duping us, is just SO WRONG. “ IF ONLY EVERYTHING IN LIFE WAS AS RELIABLE AS A VOLKSWAGEN” – my eye!!!!

More than Herbie has gone bananas!!
Herbie’s Not The only One Going Bananas

Another homeless man lost his life in the city. This is an absolute waste. DECLARE A HOUSING EMERGENCY!

Madonna started the trend of instant facelifts by pulling her hair high on her head – the warnings came then men are being made aware of the dangers of hair buns, too much strain on the follicles can make your hair fall out!!! If your hair is your crowing glory – leave it be!!!

Watch that hair line!!!

Mandatory Credit: Photo by John Roca / Rex Features ( 378779l ) Madonna opening her Blonde Ambition World Tour - TOKYO Japan, April 1990 VARIOUS MADONNA

Johnny Ronan apologises for Nazi slogan – about time.


I know models are renowned for smoking – but mannequins smuggling them??…now that takes the biscuit – a low calorie one obviously!!! ..Three seizures were made on maannequins that arrived in Cork City – the latest find was worth €67,000!!

tres elegant - not

It’s insane when your child’s safety on buses goes way beyond “should they not have seatbelts?? Little Alysha Zambra sat on a used heroine syringe on a Dublin bus – that is absolutely disgusting…

alysha zambra

No amount of spin doctoring can make the advice to farmers to light up their homes whilst vacant to prevent burglaries sound good. Reopen the bloody Garda Stations and let them do their job in peace!!

farmers are up in arms

This disgusts me – every year 400 babies are born to drug addicts…we need a licence to have a dog and yet someone incapable of handling their own life is allowed to destroy an innocent child’s?? Something is wrong somewhere with this

Premature Baby
Premature Baby


PS Bex will be on TV3s MIDDAY tomorrow and we will be teaching in Loreto beaufort on Tuesday.

Have a lovely day.

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