10 Beauty & FashionTips

You’d think I could write this in my sleep – but like the seasons I change my mind constantly – so here are my own personal tips  AT THE MOMENT – ask me in 6 months,  and no doubt there’ll be a few changes!…

1)     WEAR  WHAT  SUITS   YOU  NOT  WHAT  IS  FASHIONABLE…When you wear what you’re comfortable in you look so much more stylish,  confident,  and individual.   Rebecca is the best example of this…it’s like her brain is wired differently when it comes to style – she puts the most ridiculous things together and looks bloody brilliant!!!!!  Me?..I have to stick to simple cuts and colours….I’m 5’ 11” and a size 13.  Seriously..I’m right between a 12 and 14..and I know what makes me look bulky and what keeps me more streamlined.

Rebecca's weird and wonderful style


IMG_1527 (2)

2)     POSTURE…It kills me to see women with bad posture.  I’m guilty of it myself,  don’t get me wrong,  and at the risk of offending the entire nation..Irish people tend to have bad posture..it’s almost like we apologise for walking into a room!!  Sometimes I think our posture gets worse if we’re having a bad day and we’re just tired of the crap we have to deal with..whatever the reason,  a slumped back gives awful problems in later life and makes us look older and more tired than we are…

my vintage coat
Walk Tall

3)     BRONZER…Whether you’re “pale and interesting”  (do we still try to con people with that???!!!) or sallow,  a bronzer is a must for your makeup bag.   Carefully placed bronzer gives a natural sunkissed look that immediately adds dimension and sophistication to your face…My favourites are MAC for when I have tan on and BOURJOIS for when I don’t…

my bronzers of choice

4)     MY  FLAT  FOUNDATION  BRUSH  FROM  BLANK CANVAS This brush ( F20  flat buffer brush) changed how my foundation looked from the day I started using it!  I absolutely adore it – I won’t use any other foundation brush now.

my blank canvas brush!

5)     WATER“Yawwwwwn”  I know,  I know you’ve heard it all before – but I know myself the difference in my skin is blatantly obvious when I keep on top of my water intake.  Personally I find plain water tasteless and boring..so I add a little sparkling water or even tonic water to give it some oomph.  I’ve added a link to a great website that gives factual evidence to why we need to drink water – and how much we need!

Water - cheap as chips!

6)   LAST  MINUTE  DOT  COM???..You’ve five minutes to get out the door and you look hideous!!!..this is what you need to do (well what ‘I’ need to do – and sure it’s ALL about me right..Rebecca?  Rebecca WHO??)…1)  Put on BB Cream ( 1 shade darker than your skin tone to give warmth),  2)    Brush your eyebrows up ( opens your eyes),  3)  apply your mascara to the ENDS of your lashes ( this strangely makes my eyes look bigger),  4)  with your finger apply a natural lip colour. And rub into your lips .for me it’s something with a berry tone…Job done!

LAST MINUTE DOT COME. before and after!

7)   BEAUTY  SLEEP…Trust me 2 kids later, I’m like a different person with a full night’s sleep (broken sleep makes me grumpy sounding,  tired looking and slow functioning).


8)     WALK  WALK  WALK!…Half an hour every day will make all the difference..

walking - it ain't for everyone!

9)    IT’S  VINTAGE  DAHLING…I bag the best bargains and steal the best styles from Vintage Stores and Charity shops…I always like to be individual and I find it easier when I know I’m not dressed head to toe from the high street or the latest designer label.   Having said that – don’t wear vintage top to bottom – this will totally date you!  Pick a piece and work around it

Shoulders back Kiera!

10)    TAN…Whatever your preference,  always have a fake tan handy.  For me, it has to be DOVE Gradual tan ( not the one with subtle shimmer…).     Honestly,  when I have no makeup up on people will always say I look tired or “are you okay”?..YES,  I’m okay – I’m just PALE!!  Kick a girl while she’s down why don’t you!!!  But ANYWHO, the Dove gradual tan gives me a very natural colur and keeps my skin moisturized – don’t know about you but my skin dries out so quick with other tan!


giselle - the ultimate sunkissed babe

TAH DAH!!!  …Can’t wait to see which, if any, myself and Bex agree on.

Bex will have her top 10 tomorrow.


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