That’s A Wrap – Highs And Lows


Novak Djokovic does it. He wins the U.S Open. Bex is in New York but despite her best attempts didn’t attend. (she only has eyes for Nadal anyway)


Elton John wishes to meet the Russian president to discuss his nation’s laws against “gay propaganda”.


SNP considering second Scottish independence referendum. This weekend marks one year since Scotland narrowly rejected independence from Britain.

Scientists Blown Away By New Images Of Pluto. Scientists say they reveal an even more diverse landscape than they had previously imagined.


Medical and legal professionals call on Government to repeal the 8th Amendment. The Taoiseach says Fine Gael has no intention of holding a referendum.

The unlikely Presidents of the United States – from the wacky to the politically dangerous. A transhumanist who believes in enhancing humans, a TV reality star, someone who wants to bring back prohibition, a famous comedian, someone who still thinks Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a hoax representing a conspiracy, and two people who cannot run because they are too young – just some of the lesser known people who would be king.


Palestine wins right to fly flag at UN. Member states adopt the resolution by 119 votes to eight.

Facebook has found refugee kicked by Hungarian camerawoman. TV employee lost her job after bosses were alerted to her actions, now the person she tripped has been identified.

Mum’s life changed forever after supermarket designs trolley for disabled son.


‘We are coming home’ Fan frenzy as U2 sell out FOUR intimate Dublin gigs.


The 12 style commandments we should all follow.


Petition to swap Katie Hopkins for 50,000 refugees gaining in strength.


Street artist Hanksy’s latest work in the Lower East Side on Orchard Street portrays Donald Trump in a uncanny way.


Homo naledi, a new species of human, has been discovered in a cave in South Africa. Scientists found fossils of our ancient relative, who had surprisingly human-like features, buried in a remote cave near Johannesburg. Paleoartist John Gurche has created this reconstruction of Homo naledi’s face.

A day before the September 11 anniversary, a rainbow arcs over the Freedom Tower in New York.

A man helped pass a baby over a fence as migrants and refugees journey through Morahalom, Hungary.

When we first heard our favourite budget store Penneys was launching across the pond, we weren’t sure how it would go down.



Angelina Jolie tells how brutal culture of ISIS is using rape as a weapon


1-month-old boy dies in hot car when grandparents forget him after church

So Serena Williams is refusing to talk about her US Open defeat…Like we didn’t see that coming.


Cage drowning survivor feared something might go wrong.

Two die in plane crash on Tom Cruise and Domhnall Gleeson movie set.


Obese woman, 20, who couldn’t stop eating dies in front of her mother

Major Security Alert at Dublin Airport after note found on Aer Lingus flight said bomb was on board.





Bex will be back with That’s a wrap next week.

I hope you liked my slightly American version this week.

X Corina

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