Fur – Whatever You’re Having

Fur …it’s never done a huge amount for me..sometimes it looks tacky, and showy and defeats the purpose of wearing it which let’s be honest is to give the illusion of wealth and sophistication.

Going back way HEY before You or I were born, people believed in ‘contagious magic’. This was where they thought that somehow by wearing the skin of a wolf or bear that they themselves would take on the prowess and strength of that animal..hence “CONTAGIOUS magic”..don’t know if I’m buying that!..but it’s still interesting to see where the desire for fur originated. I guess anyone wearing a mink collar or coat doesn’t believe that otherwise they’d be ferreting around the place and eating rotten food…

Fur became a status symbol – and eventually sex symbols gave it a whole new lease of life…

Stars such as Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly, and Marilyn Monroe draped themselves in fur blissfully unaware the taboo it would become….and it did – Oh Boy it did!!!! But in the ways of the world a solution soon came to hand and faux fur was invented. About as organic as candy floss faux or fake fur dates back to the early 1900s and the luxury of fur was available to more and more people. “Look but don’t’ touch” would have been their mantra as technology wouldn’t have been what it is today…so speaking of ‘today’ here are just a few little gems you can pick up …

marlene dietrich
Marlene Dietrich
marilyn monroe
Marilyn Monroe
Grace Kelly

For decadence and opulence check out CAITRIONA HANLEY..

Hit the highstreet and still look individual with these fauxtastic (like what I did there??) furs from NEW LOOK


1) doorstop €9.99

2) Colour block faux fur stole €24.99

3) Gilet €39.99

4) Faux fur gilet €44.99

new look faux fur

I’m not sure if I like this faux fur coat from NEXT ( €107)  – but it gives you an idea of what’s out there


Any notions you still have of DUBARRY being fuddy duddy – forget them ..this has always been and always will be a class brand

I love these quirky pieces..

1) Boot liners €149

2) Cuff €20

dubarry faux fur

Fashion designers have gone through the mill with fur – will we won’t we..dare we???? ..

If anything it causes controversy and increases sales but here are 2 contrasting styles of fur/faux furs from A/W 2015

caitriona hanly

TOPSHOP AND ASHISH..…no prizes for guessing which look has ‘Me’ written all over it and which one reminds me of Pretty Woman on a very bad trip!

topshop and ashish

Even celebrities get it so so wrong with fur – what is it??..do they think their ego can carry it???..

celebrities in fur - LOATHEThen there are those who ..just have that Je Ne Sais Quoi – and get it right time and time again… (yes, I HAVE included Kimmy K..she looks AOK in this!)…

celebrities in fur - LOVE

Have I worn fur???…yes I have. In my early days of modelling we were told to never wear perfume as it would linger on the expensive furs.. I lie not. .. Have I worn it for my own pleasure?? – I haven’t a clue. I’m a vintage and second-hand shop freak so paying €10 for something with a bit of fur on it could mean anything and I don’t look that closely at labels. But SPEAKING of Me – ME!..it’s all about ME!!!..I DID take a penchant to this collar from HEATONS


What can I say about Rebecca??…God only knows with her!…As she is Stateside as I write this I will leave her be and not pester her with questions regarding ‘pelts’ and instead share with you some her fabulous fur/faux fur moments…


I HAD to add this photo of Bex with celeb hair stylist Mike Szerszen…Love the collar Rebecca – and Mike – love the Mark Darcy vibe!…

Getting my hair prepped for a Turkey Curry Buffet
Oi Darcy

Okay so …there you have it – my little piece on Furs..I’m happy with fake and faux and whatever else you want to call it ALTHOUGH my long term quest to find that perfect Sheepskin Coat will no doubt continue for a long time – I know!!!!…I’m so BAAA..D Somebody stop me!!!!

PS We have a great post on our top beauty and fashion picks which will be up soon and Bex is in a New York state of mind so she’ll have an American style That’s A Wrap on Sunday.

We are also launching something very exciting next week….

Be appeared on Midday on TV3 yesterday too.

X Corina

One thought on “Fur – Whatever You’re Having

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