That’s A Wrap – Highs And Lows

Well, it’s been a busy week for sure news-wise, and I’m not sorry to see the back of it.

Unfortunately the majority of the news is bad ..but here is my round up of the week

( I’ve included as many happy tales as possible!)..Bex is up next week!!..


Former Nanny Aisling Brady McCarthy is home after a harrowing 27 months in jail and a further 3 under house arrest.


“I’m just popping out to powder my nose – NOT!”… “You check your phone from where?” – Survey reveals strange toilet habits of Irish people.


‘Gut Week’ is hoping to break the taboo for Irish people.

When ‘perfection’ is an absolute necessity…Women spend 2 YEARS of their life doing make-up…


Oh Sweet Mother Of Divine Merciful God!!!!!! I’m there – I’m SO there!…A-ha celebrate their 30th anniversary this year

Out with the leather thongs AGAIN

And they start on a world tour later this month. The pop group from Norway – known for hits including ‘Take On Me’ in 1985 – also have a new album out this week called ‘Cast in Steel’. After 6 years Lead singer Morten Harket says they’re back together

I was privileged to model for Celebrity Hairstylist Stephen Kelly as he demonstrated why he’s the Guru of ‘upstyles’ at the L’Oreal Academy Celebrity…

Some of Stephen Kelly's stunning styles

Is Idris Elba the new Bond???…

The faces of James Bond

Would Idris Elba suit the role of Bond???

How lucky is this man??!!!!! He found $20 on the street, bought a lottery scratch card and won $1m!!!!!!!

Hubert Tang - a lucky lucky man

Forget Gluten-Gate, Rosanna’s cookbook is all about eating yourself healthy…

Family support

School started back for everyone this week..good and bad!…BACK TO SCHOOL MEANS CONGESTED ROADS AND CLEANER HOUSES..



XPOSE presenter Lisa Cannon looked absolutely stunning as she walked down aisle in sunny Florence this week..wishing them both a long happy life together…


Hopefully this is a step in the right direction…Students who started fifth year this week will have a new scale of CAO points when they sit the Leaving Cert in 2017.


Heartwarming scenes as Irish remember their own history ..

Jamie Oliver tackles another serious issue – SUGAR!…



JK Rowling has given a surprise update on the progress of Harry Potter’s oldest son – sparking a frenzy among her millions of Twitter followers…You’ll be pleased to know at the end of James Potter’s first day – he was sorted into Gryffindor!!! (quelle surprise)…

Lisa Fitzpatrick hosted 3 fantastic fashion shows at the Millfield Shopping Centre in Balbriggan..

millfield Balbriggan fashion shows

People couldn’t believe their eyes when Pope Francis popped out of his Ford Focus and in to an Opticians


Check this out…Baby gorilla playing peek-a-boo with a toddler.

The good weather looks set to continue for the remainder of this year’ Electric Picnic –if you’re not there..(hanging with Leo Varadkar)…go to their live blog for some of the atmosphere ..



Film Director Wes Craven dies..May he Rest In Peace despite the fact he left many of us terrified out of our wits!!!

some of his scariest movies

We need to address this!...Children as young as 2 are being treated for obesity..aside from weight issues, mental health is at risk…


The Refugee Crisis continues…..


Seriously??!!! ..An eight yearl old joyrider??!!!!

Everyone needs to mind their own business and concentrate on their own kids…

Such a sad tragic accident for an 11 year old to witness..her grandfather suffered anaphylactic shock after being stung by thousands of wasps and died.

another reason to dislike wasps

9 artists respond to the death of Aylan Kurdi in the most poignant way

What is wrong with the world??!!!…Irish children as young as ten are coming under pressure to have sex.


Danger lies everywhere – sad sad story…Hugo Boss fined £1.2m over death of four-year-old in shop. Austen Harrison dies when a 114kg mirror fell on him, causing irreversible brain damage

We have to stay vigilant…Nearly 1,000 people in Sierra Leone have been put under quarantine following the death of a 67-year-old woman who tested positive for Ebola. It comes five days into a six-week countdown for the country to be officially declared Ebola-free.

Gardai & her family make renewed appeal – It’s 16 years since 17 year old Dublin girl Raonaid Murray was killed.

Renewed appeal to find Raoniad Murray..

My school tour in Senior Infants was to see Wanderly Wagon in The Peacock Theatre (and yes, I STILL remember it) – I cannot believe someone would be so stupid…confirming that the fire in their famous puppet theatre is under investigation, an emotional Liam Lambert said Judge was amongst 100 puppets damaged at Lamberts Puppet Theatre in Monkstown last Friday.


There’s nowt so queer as folk..A Manhattan millionaire has left a $100,000 (£66,000) trust fund to her 32 pet cockatiels…this is such a waste of money!!..

Best fed birds ever

That’s it..


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