Electric Picnic Must Haves

As I write this I reckon Bex is writing her piece and I’m smiling to myself thinking about the vast differences there will no doubt be between our FESTIVAL MUST HAVES..
With ELECTRIC PICNIC claiming the Grand Finale slot for festivals it got us to thinking what would WE bring with us should we get down and dirty with the campers.

At this point I would like to point out NOTHING would make me camp – screw your glamping and teepees – forget it..if it involves using a toilet with anyone other than Chris or whoever I’m with ..it is not happening!. Yes, I DO use regular public toilets – but they FLUSH and no, I am not O.C.D.

So, aside from jeans, t-shirts and converse (comfort comes high on my list of priorities), here is my list of must haves/essentials ‘please don’t tell me I forgots…..!!!”..how you getting on here Bex??!!

WATER WIPES – Much nicer to use for removing makeup/dried in mascara/muck/sweat!..than regular makeup up removers..
ANDREX flushable wipes..you KNOW there will be no toilet paper in the smelly poo infested portaloos! (having said that.. The Electric Picnic organisers are HIGHLY considerate to the supply and demand concept).

water wipes

NIVEA protect and refresh cooling mist spray..this is what I use on the girls and I swear by it. No rubbing in – no stickiness, no stink. I literally spray my face and any exposed skin and away I go.. great for guys with shaved heads too (did you like my diplomacy there??..shaved = bald!)

A SHEPEE..we’re all about equality now..so at last ..us ladies can wee like a man!!!

A RAIN MAC – it does not have to be designer – cos I’ll be throwing that bad boy in the bin!


WELLIES..ANY self respecting Stylista dons them!! (though there is not a chance I would look anything like Caroline Flack!)– I’ll throw them in my boot should I find myself in a muddy mess! Flip Flops..Who cares if they get destroyed

caroling flack in wellies
CC CREAM..despite my grunting and groaning about the need to look chic and stylish at a music festival – I would whack some of this on – so I still feel semi made up!

A BOOK.. trust me if I can find a quiet (who am I kidding – it’s a festival!) corner..just leave me alone for a bit with a flask of coffee (see?..I’m getting in to the spirit of things)..and a book – probably my girl Jane Austen..

jane austen quote on music4d4450b0960402cadbec8bc41e226828
A TORCH – do I need to explain why that might come in handy??..

SILVERMINTS..They’re just my comfort sweets..

SUNGLASSES..Tom Ford please!!! ..I mean EVERYONE is wearing them..right?? – and we thought Angeline Jolie and Jennifer Aniston only had bad boy Brad in common!!

angeline jolie and jennifer aniston
So there you have it – I know Rebecca will put me to shame – but I do believe my festival mojo will come back and whilst I still don’t think you’ll find me in the campsite – I DO enjoy the buzz and music ..it’s the ‘Nobby‘ stuff that goes on that annoys me – who wears madhatter hats to a festival?? Most of the females it would seem!

It would also seem that rain hail or shine – shorts are the uniform of festivals – I Love this look – perfect balance between “Okay!, I will wear shorts – but I’m going to be different and warm and cool’”

festival fashion 1

Thanks Corina. Right so I’m up. Well I have been to E.P twice, the first time was an incredible experience full of fun, flashdancing, fajitas and Florence. The second experience was a bit of a blur of losing people, a man pooing on my tent (still scarred) rain, tears, tantrums (that was the man pooing not me), lost money and a long traffic filled, puncture punctuated drive back to Dublin.

This year it sounds incredible but I am working the entire weekend and although I’ll miss Blur and Underworld I am OK about not going, but if by any chance I do end up going on Sunday these will be my essentials.

FOLD UP CHAIR – perfect for chilling with your mates or on your own (nobody is judging) and taking a few minutes to relax before you go in search of the next great thing.


MOBILE PHONE CHARGER – DUH this is a flipping must have as bloody phones seem to die a death at the most inopportune moments. Pricey but an absolute godsend.


WATER AND LOTS OF IT – I get dehydrated very easily anyway and there is nothing worse than going in search of a bottle the next morning. So pack a few bottles. Lidl and Aldi do travel packs of the 2 litre bottles.


FITTED LEGGINGS AND LONG SOCKS UNDER WELLIES – I’m not a dress and tights festival girl as I get cold easily and I don’t like anything baggy – when they get wet that soggy bottomed feeling is the worst. So my choice  of festival attire would be to wear very fitted leggings, long socks (to keep any undesirables out of your boots) and a long cosy t-shIrt and jumper.

images-5 adidas-blackmetallicgold-firebird-track-pant-product-1-4892719-771810817

JUMPERS – Lets get real here, it ain’t Burning Man or Primavera. It gets chilly in Ireland summer or no summer and trying to look sexy in a tiny lace cami when it’s pissing with rain is just miserable, layers are your best bet so bring one or two nice comfy and colourful jumpers or zip-ups to cheer up the weekend.



FANNY PACK – Two hot options for you here. The reason being is because nobody wants to lose their worldly goods over what is meant to be a fun weekend. Also it means you can dance freely with free armies. They are also discreet and can be hidden under a jumper and are handy when you are subtly heading to the jacks with the early morning brigade.




LISTERINE – Refreshing after all the various food stall bites and too much beer, wine and sugary drinks.


WATERPROOF BAGS – Great for storing your clothes in so you stay dry for the weekend.


INFLATABLE MATTRESS – For the comfort and the LOLS


WHISTLE – I am a total camp leader, this will help you find your friends, scare off perverts and probably isolate you for the weekend, which may be a good thing.


EVIAN FACE SPRAY – You will definitely look like this whilst applying it. Just a little piece of heaven in a bottle.


SNACKS – Healthy ones (they won’t be presented like this however) Bring some bags of dry fruit and nuts for when you just feel like some clean normal food.


PERFUME – bring a travel version for a spritz, can cheer up a musky smelling top and make you feel like yourself again with the added bonus that it might attract members of the sex. T&Cs apply on this one. I can’t guarantee anything here.


WATCH – A cheap, crappy, plastic one can come in handy when your phone goes dead and you are trying to catch an act in time.


EYELINER – For when your phone goes dead to write your mates numbers on your hand, and to grab the name and number of the object of lust nearby or to refresh tired eyes.


YOUR TICKETS – Don’t be an eejit and rock up hoping to buy one there or hoping to get in even though yours is at home on the kitchen table.


A BEANIE – covers the hair sins of the weekend, protects you from rain and looks cool even if you are not


MAKEUP ESSENTIALS – LIPSTICK, CONCEALER AND EYEBROW GEL – You don’t need cakey heavy everyday makeup for a festival, you just need a few essentials. Your favourite lipstick (don’t go all plum when you’ve never done it before and don’t go all barbie pink when you have also never tried it before), good long-lasting concealer, eyebrow gel to fill in any gaps and the Ibiza sun sticks from Charlotte Tilbury can brighten even the saddest skin up.


BOTTLE OPENER – Can come in handy and also increase popularity among other camp members

download (3)

SPARE TYRE – Try and have a spare tyre in your car – getting a puncture on the way to a festival in traffic can ruin a weekend.

download (2)

BIN LINERS – Just to chuck wet or dirty stuff into.


AND – CONTACTS SOLUTION – If you wear them don’t forget this as your poor eyes will just suffer. There are great travel versions now.

download (1)

So with 2,000 performers, 5,000 people manning the sites and 1,135 portaloos we just know you’ll have a ball!

Stay safe (in every way)

Enjoy folks.

Corina & Rebecca x







Bex circa 2009

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