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And they’re right on your doorstep – Six Irish attractions have made it onto the list of the world’s top 500 must-see sights of all time. The list was compiled by Lonely Planet and includes Newgrange, Trinity College and the Cliffs of Moher……

lonely planet

And here are the top 20. The top 20 must-see sights of all time according to Lonely Planet are:

1 Temples of Angkor, Cambodia
2 Great Barrier Reef, Australia
3 Machu Picchu, Peru
4 Great Wall of China, China
5 Taj Mahal, India
6 Grand Canyon National Park, USA
7 Colosseum, Italy
8 Iguazu Falls, Brazil-Argentina
9 Alhambra, Spain
10 Aya Sofya, Turkey
11 Fez Medina, Morocco
12 Twelve Apostles, Australia
13 Petra, Jordan
14 Tikal, Guatemala
15 British Museum, England
16 Sagrada Familia, Spain
17 Fiordland National Park, New Zealand
18 Santorini, Greece
19 Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
20 Museum of Old & New Art, Australia

This week, three elephants at Dublin Zoo celebrate their birthday – well worth a visit..

elephants 2

Lovely colleagues that make a long working day that bit brighter…

bex and me at tv3
Rebecca and Corina at TV3 Studios

The satisfaction of whacking a wasp with a fly swatter..

wasp swat (2)

Meeting and chatting to the great Bobby Kerr about the modeling industry on Newstalk

That Friday feeling working with kids on Ireland AM – all looking fantastic dressed head to toe by ‘name it’…

name it

…and we thought we knew every line from ‘Friends’…Fans of the show Friends have discovered a deleted scene from the hit show that has never been seen before now. The scene is from the episode entitled ‘The One Where Rachel Tells All’, which was originally broadcast during series eight of the famous show.

#RoseOfTralee has been trending worldwide with 52,000 tweets about the event being sent over the two-day festival. Meath Rose (The first Royal Rose) Elysha Brennan was crowned this year’s winner – with 140 tweets per minute.

rose of tralee

Dublin is voted the second friendliest city in the world – second to safe to say,  it’s Irish that make Sydney the friendliest??!

Unknown-28dubin friendly (2)

Red is known to be the colour of choice for leaders,  but studies have shown that apparently the wider the face the better the leader..however women though are attracted to the dominance and power of a wide faced man don’t see them as long-term partners..these are studies NOT hard facts!…


God bless science..Scientists have grown an almost-complete brain from skin cells.
It’ll be used to learn about brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and to test new drugs.
The so-called “organoid” is the size of a pencil eraser and has a spinal cord and the beginnings of an eye


I’m still not camping!….Worried about getting filthy at Electric Picnic? Well fear not organisers have announced the addition of a fully functional laundrette at the festival this year.

electric picnic (2)

We’re big in China!…
Tourism Ireland was heavily involved in a major Chinese documentary on Ireland – Glamorous Ireland, a 45-minute programme, was beamed to a global audience of Chinese people by CCTV 4. It opened to the theme tune from Riverdance, but got better from there. Managing to leave aside most of the old stereotypes the programme showcased the best of Ireland’s history, food, drink, learning culture and natural beauty


Nurse Drive…Ireland AM host Sinéad Desmond has helped launch a major drive to recruit nurses at one of the country’s largest hospitals where she was treated for a brain haemorrhage.

nurse drive

Rebecca made her Midday Debut on Thursday ….and they actually had her back on Friday!!!

bex midday 2bex midday 1

When you get a great blow dry..

stephen kelly (2)
Stephen Kelly outside Zeba Hairdressers

Look what the tide washed up!!!…The world’s oldest message in a bottle has washed up on a beach — more than a century after it was chucked into the sea. Retired postie Marianne Winkler stumbled across the postcard stuffed in a glass bottle dating back to 1906 whilst on holiday. The bottle, which promised a shilling to whoever sent it back, was put in the water 108 years ago by Brit biologist George Bidder as part of an experiment to measure currents.

worlds oldest messgein abottle

The scientific studies of fossils have proved that cats are better animals than dogs..better survivors and hunters…but still doesn’t mean they’re nicer!!…



So sad…Tributes poured in following the announcement of the death of legendary 98FM presenter Johnny Lyons.

Lyons was the station’s sports editor, having worked there for over 20 years. Rebecca worked with him on Sunday’s and at times during the week and said he was a wonderful journalist and a maverick and a very generous man and will not be forgotten.

johny lyons

Yet another senseless attack claims at least 18 lives in Bangkok


CAO first round places were offered  – calls for the points system to be investigated…

cao_form (1)-1

Studies have shown what we’ve known all along – violent video games promote violent behavior – stronger parental controls are needed..ban them altogether I say…


I hope this is genuine and not a business decision…DOMENICO DOLCE has apologised for the comments he made in March this year when he said that he “opposed gay adoption” and that children born through IVF treatment were “synthetic”…

domenico dolce

More money than sense??..
Burberry unveils its chic back-to-school range… featuring a £1,000 coat and £300 boots loved by Harper Beckham

burberry back to school

A Cork mother has appealed to anyone with mental health issues to seek help after her three sons die Cork suicide. Helen O’ Driscoll was speaking after an inquest heard her 9 year old twin boys died after being stabbed by their older 21 year old brother Jonathan who then took his own life.

Work place hazards…
Treadmill desk scientist issues warning about sitting
Scientists are warning that sitting down at work for long periods of time is as dangerous for your health as smoking


Stick to Protein Shakes??..
People with a family history of cancer should consider giving up alcohol. So say a team of scientists behind a major study which also shows one drink a day raises a woman’s risk of getting breast cancer or other forms of the disease linked to alcohol.


It’s not over yet Oscar…Paralympian Oscar Pistorius will not be released from jail on Friday, as was expected.
Pistorius was given a five-year jail term 10 months ago for the killing of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day in 2013.
He was acquitted of murder and convicted of culpable homicide, an unintentional but still unlawful killing.
He was due to be released this week under house arrest but Justice Minister Michael Masutha has stepped in to halt the release, saying the decision is “premature”.

oscar pistorius (2)

Why I don’t like wasps…
A YOUNG boy has been seriously injured after he ran out in front of a car while trying to escape from a wasp yesterday.
The four-year-old was dragged 17 metres under the vehicle, driven by a young female learner.
North Korea’s leader has ordered his front line troops onto a war footing – as hostilities with the South deepen.
Kim Jong-un’s declared a ‘semi-state of war’ between the two countries.The latest tensions are the result of South Korean propaganda messages being broadcast across the border using loudspeakers.

Cilla Black is laid to rest…
Cilla Black has been described as ‘a true daughter of Liverpool’ at her funeral.
Tom Jones, Cliff Richard and Andrew Lloyd Webber were among those at the church in Woolton.
The singer’s hit “Anyone Who Had A Heart” was played during the service and her coffin was carried out to “The Long and Winding Road” by the Beatles.

Generated by IJG JPEG Library

..hmmm..Banksy’s Dismaland: How to get tickets and everything else you need to know. The chatter about Banksy’s new ‘theme park’ has been mixed, with many finding the whole spectacle macabre. Talk of a Jimmy Savile-themed Punch and Judy and a fire-ravaged Disney-style castle have revealed, though, that it’s not going to be your ordinary family excursion. In fact, Dismaland is said to be a play on Disneyland, with the logo of the ‘Bemusement Park’ a dim, grainy version of the Disney branding, promising the exact opposite of the Magic Kingdom – offering scares instead of sweetness from this Saturday, or Friday for locals.

What’s going to be there? ( not me!!!) A fire-ravaged Disney-style castle will be the star attraction, with a Punch and Judy-style exhibition by Julie Burchill with references to Jimmy Savile and Fifty Shades Of Grey.
Other creations include a Jeffrey Archer Memorial Fire Pit and a massive sandcastle topped by a multi-coloured windmill and a prancing horse made from steel poles. The exhibition – which also boasts palm trees – has been shrouded in mystery in typical Banksy fashion





Great – just great…Spiders ‘as big as mice’ may be appearing in Irish homes. A wet spring and warm summer have boosted the numbers of house spiders already, offering the arachnids a feast of you’re getting itchy…

big spiders (2)

Super Nits: Mutant head lice IMMUNE to scalp treatment.
Derek  Daniels from Assets Model Agency warns against rogue London based agencies conning thousands of euro out of unsuspecting teens..


Truffle shuffle ..The owner of one of cinema’s best remembered homes has decided she’s had enough of re-enactments of the ‘truffle shuffle’ and the personal toll of living in one of the sacred monument of ‘Goonies’ fandom. Sandi Preston, of Astoria, Oregon, lives in the house made famous in the 1985 film as the site of the icnoic ‘truffle shuffle’, and after 14 years of allowing visitors has now closed her home to those who arrive at her house to pay tribute to the film and the famous moment.

goonies house (2)

Ok folks, Bex is back next week with your That’s a Wrap and there will be plenty more blogging during the week too.

Have a lovely Sunday evening.


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