Rebecca And Corina Make A Bucket List


“Let’s do a bucket list!” that’s what Bex’s email said – a Bucket List – a bloody bucket list??!!!

In case you hadn’t noticed both Myself and Rebecca like to do a joint post each week – just you know.. for another excuse to catch up.

I thought “Yeah – our bucket lists!..great idea!”,  then slowly (everything happens at an easy pace with me!),  I thought,  “Do I even have one??”  I mean it’s a list of things you want to do before you die or ‘expire’..seriously WHO even wants to think about that..I may have a ‘best before date’ – but I really don’t care for knowing my ‘expiry date’ – thank you very much!

So,  if it’s all the same to you guys,  I’ll make a list of things I’d like to do at some stage and sure if I don’t get them done – that’s grand..,I wasn’t meant to…

  1. Win The Lotto – and I mean a BIG HEFTY jackpot – and one that I don’t have to share with a syndicate…
lotto win
Sure Corina’s mug had to be on the Lotto ads too

2. Visit New York at Christmas time

new york christmas

3. Fly to Oz to visit my family – in First Class

flying first class

4. Walk the Great Wall of China

great wall of china

5. Make an appearance on the Late Late Toy Show

late late toy show

6. Cure ALL cancers

cancer cure

7. Learn how to play the guitar.. like Jimi


8. Learn sign language


9. Travel back in time (I know, I know..never gonna happen)

time travel

10. Meet Bruce Springsteen and Brett Anderson and not say something stupid

brett and bruce

11. Get organized..


Okay,  that’s eleven – to be honest that is more than I expected.  I’m going to stop here though as I’m finding my list closing in more on my family and it’s giving me a lump in my throat thinking of the amount of time we may or may not all have together.

Rebecca Horan,  I can only imagine how fabulous dahling your bucket list is going to be!!!  ..the rest is up to you Lovey!!.

Thanks Corina, call me a pessimist or a realist but I on the other hand am far more relaxed about our impending doom, fate, afterlife etc and am happy to fantasise about what I’ll do before I reach those pearly gates in my finest attire with my widest grin.

I used to dream, a lot, now I try as best possible to do, within reason, financially and gymnastically. Anyway here are (too many I know) some of my top bucketlist to-dos.

1 Hike the Camino De Santiago – I have been asked a few times but still haven’t done it


2. Go to a Brazilian Carnival – Each year, right before Lent, people from all over the world descend upon Rio de Janeiro for festivities lasting four days and four nights. The Brazilian Carnival started as street festivities with groups of people parading down the streets playing music and dancing.


3. Get an Engineering Degree at MIT. The School of Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has one of the best engineering programs in the world. It’s essential and that’s my reason and I’m sticking to it.


4. Do Route 66 again with 3 of my best mates


5. Report from the U.S. General election or in North Africa or even to be one ounce as successful as Alex Crawford or Emma Hurd would be nice.


6. Get on the Stella McCartney mailing list – Stella, you and I, we could be great mates….


7. Attend the Oscars Vanity Fair party – to watch the untouchables get all touchy feely


8. Do a 6 month volunteer trip abroad


9. Give a heartfelt surprise, you know like one of those YouTube ones, ones where your mum ends up in convulsions and a puppy springs out of a box. And maybe George Clooney and a red bow… I need to think about this one a bit more.


10. Ski alongside my sister at the Winter Olympics


11. Perfect my Spanish


12. Go on the tear with Graham Norton, Claudia Winkleman, Stephen Fry and Amy Schumer


13. Open a dog shelter – this should be at the top of my list, I adore the little feckers


14. Be part of a truly excellent flashmob – it’s a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform a seemingly pointless act, and then they disperse. Flashmobs are about artistic expression and having fun. Most flashmobs dance in sync or sing a song.


15. Grace Vogue Espana in a daycent outfit.


16. Spend a week in a luxury villa in Greece with my family, all healthy and happy


17. Learn how to fix my own car


18. Star in a Woody Allen movie, but no I don’t want to be the next Soon Yi


19. Own my own home


20. Drive the Wild Atlantic Way and attend a proper Ceili


21. Swim in the Dead Sea


22. Go Base Jumping


23. Pet a Penguin


24. Train with the Irish Army


25. Bring my mum and dad to my beloved Africa

tumblr_m94e414mOb1rsgn8xo1_500 (1)

Meet my first love and see what he’s up to

Write a Novel.

And find a cure for every disease known to man.

Ok I got a little carried away I know.

Have a beautiful Friday evening folks and Corina has your That’s A Wrap on Sunday….

Corina & Rebecca

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