Teenage Retail Therapy

I have a 17 (nearly 18 year old niece) and she is my window to the world of teens.

Like any other 17 year old, school is a dirty word, boys are tools (literally), and fashion is Boohoo.. Ask ANY teenager and they’ll tell you Boohoo is their website of choice.
After a recent disaster with online shopping (a future post will explain), I wondered why it is SO popular. It turns out, not only are they bang on trend, BOOHOO tends to be way ahead of the fashion posse. Sizes are accurate, delivery swift and there always seems to be SOME offer on..( s I write this I have 23 hrs , 48 mins, and 17 secs – no, wait – 16, 15, 14 secs..you get the picture to save 20% on BOOHOO NIGHT..and you guessed it the discount code is ‘partytime’). PARTYTIME??!!!..I guess that is why teenagers love BooHoo and I stick to AMAZON for buying books – at least THEY do what they say on the cover ..get it??!!

That’s the clothes – the shoes..Oh Dear God, the shoes…I kid you not, any self respecting girl about town wants 6 inches (still talking shoes) – and BOOHOO delivers (with beautiful packaging I might add!)..I laugh heartily when said Niece swears they are comfortable and she could wear them all night… she will learn – please God she will learn!!..I did.. eventually ..now, Converse in ANY array of designs and colours adorn my messy wardrobe floor – see?..I’m STILL shoe girl!..

So whether you’re a teen with your finger on the pulse, or like me, you like to just see what’s out there..here, are some celeb inspired looks from their Lookbook.

boho celeb
Nicole Richie Boho
boho collage
Boohoo Boho
beachwear celeb
Miranda Kerr Swimwear
beachwear collage
Boohoo Swimwear
denim celeb
Kate Hudson Double Denim
denim collage
Boohoo Double Denim
mono celebs
Kim K and Alexa Chung Monochrome
mono collage
Boohoo Monochrome

Celeb Style must be the word de jour because Boohoo has a section where you can select clothes in the style of

The cast of Towie

video-undefined-25A27DEA00000578-338_637x349 Kim KKim-Kardashian-Short-Hair-2015Kylie Jenner

images-1Kendall Jenner

Reality-television-Star-Kendall-JennerThe Saturdays


Little Mix


Just remember to get your mum or dads permission before heading off with their credit card all in the hope of looking like Perrie Edwards on your next night out.


3 thoughts on “Teenage Retail Therapy

  1. Interesting I only saw a lady this morning getting a delivery from BooHoo and I would have never thought how popular it is


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