Put The Knife Away

This started out as a post showing how badly plastic surgery can go wrong! so wrong….it was never meant to be something to encourage us to LOL at the insecurities of stars but rather to highlight how the media, Hollywood and society in general can get under the toughest of skins and make people do crazy things…

I am saddened looking at these people (and let’s not forget that they are people with hearts that get hurt) and I think ‘what the hell must be going on in their heads when they look in the mirror,  are they self-conscious when they pop out to the shop,  do they feel embarrassed when they see a  friend they haven’t seen in years, how would THAT conversation go, “you haven’t changed a bit!”,  do they avoid eye contact when they visit their parents (our parents know us better than anyone), are they sad when they hold their children (do their kids recognise the changes or are they just used to them).

That is what is particularly sad to me – many celebrities may say they aren’t role models – that they never asked to be – but the sad truth is all of these celebrities are mums (though I have included Mickey Rourke) – and anyone with a brain will tell you parents are their children’s role models – so what are these people telling their kids??!!!  But you know what?.. that adage springs to mind “Don’t judge me until you walk in my shoes” so I’ll shut up now and you can ‘judge’ for yourself  (because you know you will – I did) ..what went wrong and why they did it.

Please bear in mind – I’m going on rumour, idle gossip– few stars admit to having any work done,  but to be honest the photos speak for themselves.

Up first is LIL  KIM. She denies having had any work done..but the difference in her lips and cheekbones alone make me think she might be telling porkies!

lil kim (1)

PRISCILLA  PRESLEY. The fact that the Doctor that performed Priscilla’s botched surgery was apparently imprisoned for malpractice might explain her strange appearance.

priscilla presley

DONATELLA  VERSACE. Having once said she has only had botox on her face begs the question where the hell else would she have it done!!! What other part of her body does she not want to move!!???  She has a larger than life persona but she is fast becoming a caricature of herself!!

donatella versace (1)

MICKEY  ROURKE. Years of boozing,  boxing  and being a bad boy ruined Mickey’s rugged looks leading him to have ‘reconstructive surgery’ (reconstructive surgery is as popular a phrase in Hollywood as ‘irreconcilable differences! or consciously uncoupling)..at least he admits it wasn’t a good job!.

mickey rourke

MELANIE  GRIFFITH. If you have to take a second look to see if it IS actually Melanie Griffith – her husky voice will be a dead give away..I always felt like this was a woman trying to fight against mother nature..it’s taken its toll,  though she has allegedly eased off on her surgery…bring back the working girl!

melanie griffith

JENNIFER  GRAY. America’s sweetheart broke hearts when a nose job to rid her of her distinctive bump changed her face altogether, the surgeon took her bump and every bit of character away from her too!

jennifer gray (1)

PAMELA  ANDERSON. To go from such a wholesome and reportedly lovely girl to a peroxide, plumped,  and pitiful woman takes a lot of money and a lot of ambition …she needs to chill out – put away the bleach,  put away her boobs, and try acting the lady.

pamela anderson

MEG  RYAN. How she can deny having had any work done is beyond me – she either thinks we’re all fools or she’s delusional… she was such a natural beauty it’s sad she’s done this to herself.

meg ryan

DARYL  HANNAH. Yup,  another lady who denies any work..but Daryl’s ethereal beauty has allegedly  been replaced by a common cocktail of anti-ageing procedures which have only left her looking ..odd.

daryl hannah (1)


You know what,  a few years back I would have thought these stars (and the countless more like them) were fools for ruining their faces,  now I have less time to think about them…and I’ll tell you what,  I think their decisions are a lot more about insecurities and a lot less about vanity..what do you think????


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