Being Isabella

She was born on Saturday morning at around 6 O’Clock. I was on my way into the newsroom, jaded, a little stressed and I had just broken my phone on the steps outside my apartment. My phone looked like a mosaic, all broken text and colour gliding furiously across the screen, the tones still worked though and somebody was texting me, images appeared through the cracks but I couldn’t really make them out.

Then I saw toes, they were covered in vast swathes of pink, they were brand new feet.

She was here, it was her. She had come early but we were ready to meet her.


Isabella’s feet

She had been hiding-out in my sister’s tummy for quite some time, listening to our idle chit-chat, dancing to our music and dining on some choice cuts – she was preparing for the world. She knows it isn’t perfect but she also knows she has us.

I have one other niece, she is the ultimate rock star, and a similar thing happened just before she was born – I had a very calm chat on the phone to my sister the day before she was born, discussing all sorts of things, things my sister and I never get to discuss and may not get to again. The calm before the storm. The prefect cliché.

My niece Alicia and I, she will be two very soon

Lots of people’s families experience terrible things, and we are a very lucky unit, but we have had our fair share of death and illness of late and Isabella has already made us all so happy and it is only day 4 in the Big Brother House.

Now for the important stuff.

Her name is Isabella {A variation of Isabel, itself a variation of Elizabeth, meaning “devoted to God” in Hebrew. England, France, Portugal, and Hungary all had royal Isabellas in their courts. Nicknames: Bella, Izzy, Izzie. Well-known Isabellas: actress Isabella Rossellini}

She is a Leo, which means she will be Confident, Ambitious, Generous, Loyal and Encouraging, just like her auntie Bex.

Leo has some bad points too – being pretentious, melodramatic, a little…. oh whatevs. I’m not continuing with that list.

Her extra-curricular activities include breathing heavily, curling her fists into a ball, breathing, squirming, stretching, curling her fists into a ball, yawning, being cute, curling her fists into a ball, being cute, sleeping, and attaching herself to my sister for long periods of time.

She smells exquisite.

She cannot open her eyes fully but we are convinced that they are brown like ours and her head is ebony, her face is blush.

My sister would prefer if I didn’t tickle her toes.

I doubt very much that she will be allowed to date, wear anything but a moo-moo or leave the country.

Congratulations to my sister and my brother-in-law.

Corina can’t wait to meet her.



My sister and I when we were babies
Overstaying my welcome at the hospital

A tribute to the new love in our lives.

One thought on “Being Isabella

  1. Ah missis she is a pure dote. Hope big sister is not too put out by her, congrats to all concerned. Lucky ~Baba having such a cool Auntie and Uncle Jason. xx


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