Women Of Style {ALLEGEDLY}

RSVP Women of Style: Corina Grant

In the latest instalment of the series, Corina Grant, model and blogger talks life, career and style with RSVP’s Blathin de Paor



Your path into the industry…

When I was aged 15 I started modelling with Rebecca Morgan, and at 21 I represented Ireland in The Ford Supermodel Competition, so from there I worked both abroad and at home consistently for many years until I settled back in Ireland permanently. I worked in RTE where I met Rebecca Horan and over the years a friendship that began from midnight chats and snacks turned into our blog Rebecca and Corina that has me at the point I am today.

Your greatest achievement…

I could say being on magazine covers, travelling the world are my great achievements but those moments of contentment are short-lived. Since myself and Rebecca started our teenage workshops, knowing that we are helping girls with every aspect of life – now that gives me a great sense of achievement.



Your style…

They say we change every 7 years and my style seems to follow that pattern too. I’m currently in my classic colour and cut phase but in a very casual way,  think round or turtle necks with capri pants or crisp white shirt and chinos. I like classic Ralph Lauren, I know it sounds odd, but I look to men’s fashion for inspiration very often – relaxed macs with chino and stripes are right up my alley. On occasion however I do go ‘crazy’ and eclectic but I have to be in the right mood with good hair and makeup.  I’m not boring, but I know what I like and I don’t have time these days to play around and experiment with fashion. My idea of dressing up was perfectly captured by the genius that is Corina Gaffey – she styled six of us models for the front the current Irish Tatler and I loved it!


Your style icons…

Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Lauren, Alexa Chung, Rebecca Horan and Sonia Reynolds. The first three are difficult for me to emulate sometimes, they ranged from 5’5’’ to 5’7”. I’m nearly 5’11” and have longer proportions  so never easy to dress!

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RSVP’s Women Of Style: Rebecca Horan

In the latest instalment of the series, Broadcast Journalist , Rebecca Horan  talks life, career and style with RSVP’s Blathin de Paor



Your path into the industry

It hasn’t been a straightforward one, the best careers never are. I started by studying journalism and working in television in RTE. I then taught in a Boarding School for years and later returned to the media via research, reporting and news reading. I’m late to the party and I work hard as a result. Late nights, early mornings and being available is a must in this industry. Starting from scratch again can be hard but great character building. I also think it’s important not to be a yes person all the time and only do work you are proud of and you enjoy.

Your greatest achievement

In the industry I am working in and in this climate, it’s an achievement to be working consistently and enjoying a good relationship with the stations. Also my strong bond with my family is an achievement to me

Your style icons

My mum, she used to make clothes for her sisters and friends, she’s very chic. My dad too – he wears a suit well. Also all of the Jaggers, Nicole Richie, the Olsens , Alessandra Ambrosio and Caroline Flack dresses really well for her body type.

 Your skincare routine

I had skin problems in my early twenties , so now I am by the book, lots of water and I never leave my make up on. On a daily basis I use Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, Lancôme toner, Cetaphyl moisturiser, Charlotte Tilbury magic cream and Bourjois or Bobbi Brown foundation


Your favourite products

Charlotte Tilbury for highlighter, Mac for lipsticks, YSL or Rimmel mascara,  Benefit Hoola bronzer. A visit to Lorna in the Brow Artist and getting my hair colour done with Mike in Zeba.


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2 thoughts on “Women Of Style {ALLEGEDLY}

  1. Both of you are so amazing. Fabulous style and I’m enjoying your posts a lot
    Can’t wait for more and your video blogs


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