That’s A Wrap – Dream or Nightmare

We are one week down and we hope you are enjoying A Hitchhiker’s Guide To Life as much as we are.

We will be putting the previous days to bed every Sunday evening with a list depicting the peaks and troughs of the week.

I’m compiling this one and Corina is up next week.


I became an auntie again. My sister gave birth to a girl on Saturday morning and it’s been a wonderful time for the entire family.


Barrack Obama’s Power Plan – Finally some kind of programme for change. Of course Republicans everywhere are already up in arms.

The Descendants on RTE1 on Bank Holiday Monday night, when George was at his very best.

A messy Minion just chilling on the Swords Road – quite despicable.


54 @ Gaze International Film Festival at the Lighthouse Cinema – Salma Hayek is stunning.

Colette Fitzpatrick on Newstalk on Sunday mornings – a fantastic addition.


Stopping for strawberries on the way home to Wicklow. Wexford strawberries are the sweetest.

Finding some beauties in the First Edition Book Shop off Wellington Road on a quiet Wednesday morning while it’s pissing outside.

The new and improved Eddie Rockets on Baggot Street – everyone needs a banana milkshake and bacon and cheese fries every now and again.

La Bodega – just delicious.



Saying goodbye to Cilla Black 


A prick with a penchant for shooting wildlife becomes the most famous dentist in the world.

Cecil is, rightly, mourned across the world – however it would be great if we looked at neighbouring South Africa and poured some of this energy into the horrific murders being carried out on farms in parts of northern South Africa. The UN is currently investigating Genocide there. Also millions are crippled by poverty which needs to be tackled.


Purchasing fruit that turns out to be mostly furry and blue.

According to TMZ Gwen Stefani has filed for divorce from Gavin Rossdale. Another one bites the dust.

Buzzkills – negative people. Beware they are living and working amongst us all.

When your relatively new iPhone smashes into smithereens. The end of an addiction.

We might have suspected it all along but it was still a pretty explosive story –  doping allegations in athletics.


Summer Sales – enough is enough.

The weather – I know it is never great in July but holy god it’s like a ski season out there. Baltic.


Feeling old – realising you can’t work hard and attempt to have a life too. Recently I’ve been caught sleeping while standing up, an all new low. Night guys.


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