Electric Eyes


I guess looking back, my first introduction to electric eyes and sparkle was seeing it on the faces of Agnetha and Anni-Frid ( ABBA – you ..you youngsters!)..  It drew me in to a world of soft focus and dream sequences….and yes I did grow out of it…

Growing up in the 80’s I have no doubt I had dodgy makeup techniques,  but none spring to mind right now.. ( isn’t it funny how easily we can block out parts of life).  But I DO remember thinking blue eyeshadow on blue eyes HAD to look good – surely??..surely not!

As a late bloomer ( I went to discos sans makeup up until the age of 16 when my fellow teeny boppers were putting lippy on around the corner from their houses..straight from the bullet,  and sharing it??!!!..that even seemed dirty to me then – God knows what you could have picked up – right?!).

Anyway by the time I gained any interest in makeup it was under the guidance of Geraldine Brand…I was in safe hands.

I now live in a house with electric coloured nail varnishes,  Minnie Mouse eyeshadows ( all electric), and anything that lends itself to sparkles and glitter ..even bloody shoes have electric sparkles that TWINKLE when you jump – yes “twinkle”!!!

Anyway in a weird way it got me to thinking about electric makeup trends and how prevalent sparkle and brights still are in our cosmetics.  But ( and I stress,  I am no ageist!),  I think they’re for the young  ( well until you hit 25 maybe??).   It’s just I think once those little particles of glitter or sparkle start to settle in your creases – maybe it’s time to give them up??..just sayin!

But here are some tips on how to work electric eyes without looking like a fashion junkie and feeling like ..a muppet.

downloaddownload (1)images

images (1)download

It’s all about knowing how to avoid ‘overkill’..because electric eyes are in – it doesn’t mean you have to team it with bright lips and killer highlighter..no… pare back the rest of your face and let your eyes pop.  Whether you want a sheer wash over your entire eyelid or an intense lid,  it’s important to keep your foundation satiny and subtle. Blue eyes pop with orangey tones – just look at Cara Delavigne with this burnt orange shade – looks amazing – but be warned you need to be fresh and youthful to pull this off – it’s all too easy to look tired and drained…


Ginnifer Goodwin’s flick is rather cool – but then she is Ginnifer Goodwin – a greyish purple pixie cut looks great on her!!!


So.. products and where to find them???..

INGLOT pigment – most  shopping malls and Sth Anne St – Dublin


RIMMEL electric blue mascara – any BOOTS and pretty much every supermarket..


RIMMEL eye crayon…and any BOOTS and all supermarkets..(Don’t forget though – BOOTS usually have a 3 for 2 offer on Rimmel products)..


SEVENTEEN eyeshadow – again BOOTS nationwide..


CHARLOTTE TILBURY – The Vintage Vamp eyeshadow, exclusively for Brown Thomas Dublin.

download (3)

This is just a tiny example of what’s out there!!..so have fun shopping…

On another note,  for the post tweenies of us who still like a little shimmer and sparkle could I suggest the new palette from URBAN  DECAY??..(€46)..specially geared towards smoky eyes but still sticking with the NAKED theme – these colours suit pretty much everyone , and I’ve shown the breakdown of the shades here so you can see which ones have the metallic gleam.  This won’t be available until the 6th August ( next Thursday ) so sharpen those nails and get your elbows ready for the frenzy!!! ..



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