Hitting The Right Notes

There was  a time when musicians and singers aimed to top the Billboard Charts.. that’s not enough today… any self-respecting  Pop Singer multi-tasks,  and their own fragrance catapults them towards the fast lane to super stardom.. here are some mega stars and their latest bottled talent… KatyPerryKillerQueen KATY  – KILLER QUEEN ( €23.95) What they say; “My third fragrance Killer Queen has been in my vocabulary since I was 15, because of the song ‘Killer Queen’ by Queen, Freddie Mercury painted the lyrics of this woman I wanted to be. She seemed very powerful, and she captivated a room when she walked in. I feel like I’m falling, finally, into that woman Freddie painted.”

What we say; very powerful alright, anyway she may be losing battle for the convent but she winks, dances with sharks, gyrates in leopard print knickers while hanging off a tree and smiles and we’re sucked in …

o.33671 BEYONCE – HEAT KISSED  ( €36) What they say; ‘When a moment of attraction becomes undeniable, it ignites a spark between two people that draws them closer. Their lips meet and the flicker becomes a flame, this captures this sensual intensity in a bottle, its rich heart includes Red Fury orchid”

What we say; If anybody started to wreck your head in a lift it would knock them out without you having to so much as blink but with her name in the VMA melting pot and well on her way to receiving her 18th award her 12th perfume is certainly a Survivor.

Taylor-Swift-Incredible-Things TAYLOR SWIFT – INCREDIBLE THINGS {€35} What they say;  “The perfume is a combination of velvety petals and creamy woods, wrapped in a delicate veil of vanilla and musk, a portrait of Taylor Swift: a modern girl and a timeless romantic – fresh, feminine, modern and unforgettable”

What we say; It smells like sweet revenge on any man who has wronged her, or a thousand cats curled up on a sofa, or red lipstick or a pack of Victoria Secrets Models cavorting in the sea, all win win.

nd.18900 NICKI MINAJ – MINAJESTY {€40} What they say: “With her eye-catching style and vivacious personality, Nicki reigns with creativity and captivating femininity. Commanding respect through an implied and majestic brilliance she understands reality through her courage and confidence as she breaks boundaries, leads the way, and empowers women all over the globe.

What we say: She was fired from “every Red Lobster you could think of.” She even chased one customer out of the restaurant. We’ll leave it there.

Or alternatively just lie back on a beach/couch/lion and pose and leave the singing to the professionals like this lot did

images (1)imagesaac059f96effa65e6ba0ded40ff42b98

And here are our favourite scents for summer

download (1)downloadpoison-perfume-by-christian-dior-1-7-oz-eau-de-toilette-spray-for-women-7download27906Wimages (3)imageUnknown-1nuxe perfume

Corina and Rebecca

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