Wedding Guest 2015


I love a good wedding.

The shock horror, pretend to be surprised, feign fainting, die on your knees reaction you give when a couple you have known for ages get engaged. This despite the many rows that they have had about the topic in public, the fact that he has been asking ‘Is gold back in?’ and she has been practising crying-on-demand in the work loos.

Then comes the save the dates, usually with a posed picture of the couple from their days spent trekking Machu Picchu, practically demanding you know what you are doing on September the 8th 2018.

Then comes the big day and this is the part I love the most, it’s the rare opportunity to spend time with your closest friends, to belt out the hymns like it’s your last day on earth, drink double G&Ts at 1 O’Clock as if they were going out of fashion, watch the family dramas unfold from a spot on the lawn of some crumbling mansion, karate kick along to Bruno Mars, wear red lipstick as if you are in a Pedro Almodovar film, eat three creme brulees just because nobody at your table could handle them, blub as your friends exchange their vows oh and get dressed up! I like dressing for weddings, I think it’s the one time you can really have some fun.

My style rule is that the more comfortable you are the more relaxed you will feel. I like long floaty dresses or sexy suits, colour and fur.

Here are some favourites from lala land and some of my own too.

main.original.585x0 (1)image
fearne-cotton_glamour_29aug13_wen_b_592x888Sienna-Miller-stepped-out-London-Fashion-Week-eventimagescelebrity-wedding-guest-outfit-ideas-1images (1)cca00d12178502607873ce2ec107affeclaudia-winkleman--aimageimage10665052_10205361397504187_1377668007313159016_n10547527_10204628257896155_3029315100033505873_n10378241_10204628384019308_3079546512284680619_n553406_10201756816671919_1641354720_n


And if you hate weddings then watch the wonderful bloopers reel from the movie Bridesmaids.

Courtesy of Max Rider Universal Pictures


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