Winter Wardrobe in July

Yes it’s mid July, the height of Summer and in theory I should be celebrating the sunshine in my cute little tea dress..but I’m’s damp and drizzly,  the lights are on, the heat is on,  and I’m layered up. Depressing  – yes???..No..not for this Winter loving lady!..and to add to my enthusiasm I just saw what PENNEYS have in store for Autumn/Winter 2015…PRIMARK..are all grown up, and edgy this season – a welcome direction.

Think textured femininity with sleek silhouettes and attention to fine detail…

DRESS €30,  SOCKS €2,  SHOES €22…


For the more eclectic at heart it’s a treasure trove for all style Bohemian.  As a 70’s child I can relate to this…

CAPE €35,  JUMPER €8,  JEANS €15,  SHOES €20…


If it’s nostalgia you’re after – put aside your notions of romance and tea parties PENNEYS have gone dark ,  Victorian  and decandent…



Festival fashion stays the pace with the introduction of studded leather,  spiked heels and higher hemlines…

COAT €40,  BLOUSE €13,  SKIRT €12,  HAT €9,  BAG €10,  BOOTS €25…


Even the knitwear takes on a luxurios sumptuous feel with lots of voluminous draping and cuddly cocooning….

GILET €35,  CARDIGAN €24,  JUMPER €14,  JEANS €10,  RUNNERS €13…


So fear not…


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